Bluemix app challenge!

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NOW OPEN FOR SUBMISISONS: Global Bluemix App Challenge!

IBM Bluemix is hosting the Global Bluemix App Challenge for developers of all ages and experience levels all over the world during the month of November. And to compete on this global stage and demonstrate their skills.

More Information about the Bluemix App Challenge:

Submission Date: November 1-30, 2014
Who can enter: Anyone, Participants will need to have a Bluemix account. App’s that have already been developed can be entered into the challenge as well as new applications.
How to Win: Already have an app? Never built one before? Build it using Bluemix services and submit a presentation of no more than 15 slides via Slideshare deck and optional video to by November 30.

Read more at the Bluemix App Challenge Blog


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