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Data & AI Digital – Online learning experience

Do you want to know more about what is happening in the Data & AI area? Then join IBM Data & AI Digital on September 15th to gain inspiration, insights, and to spark innovation! AI is currently helping to redefine the Danish market at an unprecedented pace. New innovative solutions are popping up everywhere, yet […]

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Are you into testing?

Test data is data being specifically identified for use in tests, typically of a computer program/application. Some data may be used in a confirmatory way, typically to verify that a given set of inputs to a given function produces the expected result. Other data may be used in order to challenge the ability of the program […]

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Beautiful creatures and how to find them

Today, data is at the core of running any business on this planet. We often do not think about this, but more about how we store, retrieve, cleanse, enrich, move and secure data. With a wealth of tools to help us do this, it is becoming increasingly more important that we utilise the right source […]

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