Industriens Pension infuse AI to transform customer service

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Industriens Pension, a labor market pension scheme for Danish Industrial Employees, continuously seek to improve their advisory services and overall customer experience. Recently, they have put two new initiatives into action to utilize the new opportunities within artificial intelligence (AI) that rapidly evolve.

With the Roberta Chatbot they can now serve customers 24/7 when and where needed. The chatbot is trained in relevant pension topics, and is both available on mobile and web.

Their latest initiative, an AI-supported Voicebot, listens to conversations in real-time (Danish Language) and augments the service agents, by suggesting relevant advisory materials based on the context of the conversation. The AI engine behind the solution continuously improves, based on how users interact with it, thereby ensuring relevant suggestions of not only specific documents but also specific sections and legal paragraphs. This has led to an easier way of working, with less focus on manual driven search for advisory materials, and more focus on the human-to-human interaction and best in class advisory over the telephone.

In the video below, you can hear Maria Edelmark Schioldann and Camilla Høpner tell us about the specific AI-features that Industriens Pension has developed in collaboration with us at IBM iX. Furthermore, you will learn what impact these new methods have had for the organization’s members, employees, and the day-to-day customer service operations.

Video – Industriens Pension infuse AI to transform customer service: 



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