IBM’s five predictions: How AI will evolve in 2020

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) have experienced groundbreaking scientific advances in recent years. The development has been wide-ranging, thus it includes everything from significant improvements in processing power and computational efficiency to new insights into language, deep learning and object identification.

IBM have been leaders in AI research for several decades and have helped push many of the advances that have been seen over the years. Accordingly, we strive to stay in the loop of being first movers when it comes to new innovations that can help shape the future for the better within the field.

In 2020 three key themes will shape the advancement of AI:

  • Automation
  • Natural language processing (NLP)
  • Trust

From this lens, IBM Research unveils its annual five predictions for AI in 2020:

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At, you will find more details about the five predictions that IBM Research has outlined for this year. Furthermore, you can see how IBM contributed to AI’s evolvement in 2019.

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