Huge customer interest in IBM PowerAI

IBM PowerAI is a software stack for Deep Learning (DL) including the most popular open-source frameworks like TensorFlow, Caffe, Chainer and Torch, and some very unique IBM products. Products like IBM PowerAI Vision, IBM Spectrum Conductor for Sparc and IBM PowerAI DL Insight are all products that help facilitate and ease the whole DL-process. IBM […]


Simplify GDPR with IBM Cloud Secure Virtualization

If you need to plan for upcoming General Data Protection Regulation requirements or to help reduce audit risk for PCI, HIPAA and similar certifications, this solution is a must see. Security and compliance are the most serious concerns of companies considering an investment in cloud infrastructure. By collaborating with Intel and HyTrust, IBM has developed a […]


On Shoptalk 2017 – The next Generation of Retail is filled with AI

On October 8-11 2017 ShopTalk Europe was held in Copenhagen with a focus on the drivers of change in the retail industry. More than 225+ speakers and 2000 individuals were there to talk about how consumers discover, shop and buy in this digital era. It was rich on content with both retails, vendors and experts […]

October 26rd Webinar: IBM Managed Mobility Services

IBM Managed Mobility Services (MMS) featuring MaaS360 with Watson and its cognitive capability is designed to provide organizations with control, governance, ongoing visibility and support for the lifecycle, security and investments associated with devices and applications across a multivendor digital workplace. Join us for a 30 min webinar and learn how our enterprise mobility services […]

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Experience the musical collaboration between IBM Watson and the newly established choir, KORAGE. The choir, which is made up of eight famous danish singers, has used Watson Sentiment Analysis and Watson Beat to create a whole new work of art and reach their shared DNA. The eight female singers that are part of KORAGE are […]

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Royal Arctic Line gains a more holistic picture of business operations

Royal Arctic Line A/S (RAL) has an exclusive concession for the transportation of all sea cargo to and from Greenland and between the Greenlandic towns and settlements. This gives RAL the unique position of being Greenland’s lifeline, ensuring supplies to the entire country. It also puts a strong request on RAL to be operational at […]

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October 23rd Webinar: IBM Cloud Resiliency Orchestration

Can your business afford downtime, which can result in revenue loss, damaged reputation and regulatory penalties? IBM Cloud Resiliency Orchestration can help transform your disaster recovery (DR) to simplify management and reduce risk, cost and DR testing time. Now you can combine the disaster recovery monitoring, reporting, testing and workflow automation capabilities of your on-premise, […]

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October 12th Webinar: Software Defined Networking: Sponsoring Innovation in a Hybrid Cloud Environment

Current networks with traditional network architectures cannot achieve today’s business objectives – they are expensive, they’re complex, they don’t scale. These networks don’t represent innovation through technology and they certainly do not provide a form or a means of reducing cost. They lack the speed and automation of servers and storage, require days, weeks, or […]

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Meet IBM Cloud Private

As clients are moving to Cloud to get the agility, functionality and speed that cloud provides, some clients still have regulatory and legal concerns regarding their data. Concerns that until now may have kept clients from realizing the benefits of Cloud. A core strength of IBM’s Cloud strategy is ‘Choice with consistency‘, and with the […]

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October 12th Webinar: Integrated Managed Infrastructure Services

Listen in for a chance to further educate yourself on Integrated Managed Infrastructure Services (IMI), and how these services can support your business transformation objectives and reduce day-to-day management costs of IT environments. Our approach to IMI will deliver high availability, resiliency and performance, whether you are using IBM, 3rd party cloud, traditional on premise […]

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Watson Summit 2017 – You are invited!

The preparations for IBM’s big annual inspiration day are well under way, and we invite you to our cognitive universe named Watson Summit. Cognitive technology creates historical breakthroughs for people, businesses and the world as a whole. No other technology can analyze such large amounts of unstructured data so quickly and provide such verified answers. […]

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The Swedish Spectrum Storage User Group

The Swedish Spectrum User Group has over 300 members and meets twice a year at an event in which more than 150 members and Business Partners participate. These conference sessions have gained global attention, including key development participation, and are targeted for Clients of IBM products, IBM business partners, and IBM sales team members. Not […]

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