Hybrid Cloud – The epicenter is in … Denmark… 13 years ago some very entrepreneurial people around Aarhus in Denmark saw a completely new area of business. Giving their clients the opportunity of remote backup based on IBM backup technology, increasing bandwidth and lower cost on internet connections. This has made Denmark the absolute leading country when it comes to remote backup and […]


Mobile revolution puts security in the spotlight

With more and more mobile devices being used in workplaces every day, it’s more important than ever before that service providers offer their customers the best mobile-encompassing security package. With a variety of different offerings in a very competitive marketplace, choosing the right one can be tricky. In this video, you can discover how Scandinavian […]

Did you know?

83% of consumers are more likely to do business with brands that allow them to control where, when, and how they interact? (CFI Group) The world has changed; customers are more connected than ever. But keeping interactions consistent across multiple channels and ensuring a consistent experience for consumers is a complex task. So how can […]

Seek the security that’s perfect for you

Every ISV and SaaS provider has its own unique set of customers, needs and business demands. In the critical world of mobile security, that makes it important to research the key offerings in the market and see how each meets the specific circumstances of your company. This report from independent research organisation Forrester evaluates 13 […]

Flexibility for MSPs and their customers

Enfo, a Scandinavian Service Provider, has gained impressive results since adopting IBM’s enterprise mobility management solution, MaaS360. They found that MaaS360 was easy to integrate into the diverse IT environments of its customers, reduced their ownership costs by 35% and, thanks to the solution’s cloud-based approach, reduced downtime to zero. And not only do Enfo’s […]

See how Medicat increased agility and lowered costs

Your storage and performance can be managed with a breath-taking degree of ease, thanks to IBM VersaStack. We have a belief that IT should be as effortless as possible. Information systems specialist Medicat has transformed its storage capabilities through VersaStack. They now have exponential advantages, which we’ve detailed in our blog entry on this powerful […]

The best answer in satiating big data applications

Your organisation can now tackle the demand for big data, thanks to VersaStack. It’s easy to deploy and control, thanks to a unified management interface. Our quick video introduces you to the best way of accelerating growth while reducing costs. Click here to watch the 90-second video on VersaStack  

Free live webinar on July 21st: Managing SAN infrastructure

Dear Client, We are delighted to invite you to join a Free Live Webinar – on July 21st 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM CEST – to learn how IBM® TSS MVS in partnership with TeamKCI can help clients to meet industry demands and increase availability across their SAN environment while reducing costs. Our expert speakers […]

Discover how you’ll benefit from VersaStack

Embrace all the positives of IBM’s innovations in storage technology without the typical headaches of an upgrade. We can help you deploy and manage IT with an unprecedented degree of ease. The impressive levels of performance and efficiency from VersaStack can lift your business to new heights, cutting through complex workloads and satisfying the most […]

Cognitive IoT – enroll for the next IBM Business Breakfast event in Denmark

Vi fortsætter successen med vores IBM Business Breakfast. Næste event holdes den 14. september i Århus og 15. september i Holte. Næste generation indenfor Internet of Things er på agendaen – nemlig Cognitive Internet of Things. Du får inspiration til og indblik i, hvordan du med vores enestående IoT-platform IBM Watson kan skabe og udvikle […]