25 Webinars Calls for Celebration!

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Recently, I reached a milestone, which I am particularly proud of. Last week’s webinar on blockchain was session number 25 since I began hosting them. That calls for celebration and reflection. What an educational journey it has been. The webinars have attracted a total of 900 attendees, in which approximately 25% participated more than once. Despite predominantly targeting the Nordics, in fact 50% of the attendees are from other regions, resulting in a global reach and diverse viewership with representation from 54 different countries scattered over six continents.

Concluding 2020 with webinars on blockchain and MAS

Don’t worry, I will continue to host more webinars this year. Next week I have scheduled another session on blockchain – this time with a technical perspective on the disruptive and transactional technology. The following week, I have arranged for a webinar about an exciting IBM project. The session will centre around the Mayflower Autonomous Ship, which will initiate a new domain within ocean research with the use of IBM technologies such as AI, robotics, edge computing and hybrid cloud.

blockchain technicalHow to get started with Blockchain from a Technical Perspective
When: Wednesday, Nov. 25th at 11:00 CET
Speaker: Joel VialeBlockchain Solution Architect, IBM Global Markets
Join us for a practical session on how to get started with creating your first blockchain application using the IBM Blockchain Platform, and we will explain how to develop, test and deploy a blockchain smart contract. Sign up here!

mayflower webinarA New Wave of Ocean Research
When: Wednesday, Dec. 2nd at 11:00 CET
Speaker: Rosie LickorishSoftware Engineer & Emerging Technology Specialist, IBM Research Europe
As our oceans become warmer, more polluted, and more unpredictable, the need for oceanographic data has never been greater. The Mayflower Autonomous Ship, in partnership with IBM, will enable a new era of ocean research, which this webinar will demonstrate. Sign up here!

Complete list of the 25 webinars

Here is an overview of all the interesting topics and speakers that have contributed to making my (more or less) weekly wednesday webinar an inspiring endeavour. They are all available for free on-demand.

  1. How Nordic Companies Are Using: AI Technology To Improve Customer Service
    In this webinar, transformation architect Henrik Toft looked at Nordic examples that apply IBM’s AI technology in customer service within the financial-, wholesale- and public sector.
  2. How Nordic Companies Are Using: IBM Think 2020 Efficiently
    Event strategist
    Tarja Laporanta focused on the global, free event of Think 2020 that took place on May 5-6 as a digital-first experience.
  3. How Nordic Companies Are Using: IoT Technology to Improve Asset Maintenance
    Here, transformation architect Henrik Toft presented examples of how Nordic companies are using IoT technology to improve uptime and lifespan of physical assets.
  4. How Nordic Companies Are Using: Intelligent Cybersecurity
    In this webinar, Director of Security & Software Sales from Origo – IBM’s Icelandic partner – Anton Egilsson elaborated on the intelligent security solution QRadar SIEM platform, with the support of Morten Wibe from IBM Security.
  5. How Nordic Companies Are Using: Sustainable IT From Iceland I
    The advantages of sustainable IT solutions from Iceland were addressed by Origo’s Arnthor Reynisson and Otto Johannsson, taking a point of departure in Origo’s intelligent storage archiving solution Aurora DataCloud that was awarded the IBM Beacon Award.
  6. How Nordic Companies Are Using: IBM Garage Methods & AI Ethics
    Member of IBM Academy
    of Technology, Phaedra Boinodiris, focused on the upside as well as ethical questions of AI, while Agile Project Manager, Filip Knudsen, presented the valuable opportunities of IBM’s Garage method.
  7. How Nordic Companies Are Using: IBM Storage Solutions Smarter and Simpler
    In this webinar, Andrew Martin from IBM Systems elaborated on how Nordic companies are applying IBM storage solutions in smarter and simpler ways to optimize their business.
  8. How Nordic Companies Are Using: IBM Public Cloud Successfully
    Here, Henning Glegg-Soerensen from IBM Public Cloud assessed how SimCorp uses the IBM Public Cloud to expand their business to the financial services sector community globally.
  9. How Nordic Companies Are Using: IBM Services to Overcome Destructive Cyberattacks
    Nordic Business Development Leader
    Martin Mølvig covered the fundamentals of what may happen during a cyberattack, and how to perform rapid IT reconstruction and minimize risks.
  10. How Nordic Companies Are Using: Sustainable IT From Iceland II
    Centered around HPC and 100% green technology from Iceland, this webinar had Vala Valthorsdottir from Iceland’s national power company, Landsvirkjun, discuss how they sustainably power the future, and the CEO of Etix Everywhere Borealis, Björn Brynjúlfsson, address how to offer sustainable and economic data center solutions.
  11. How Nordic Companies Are Using: API Integration to Optimize Business
    Here, the advantages of API integration to support you in optimizing your business, were addressed by Peter Brabec from IBM Europe and Anton Egilsson from Origo.
  12. IBM Summer Camp: Journey to Cloud – Webinar #1: Get Started With IBM Cloud
    In an IBM cloud summer camp, cloud architects Franck Descollonges and Clémence Lebrun explained the general concepts of the IBM Cloud platform and how to get started with its services, while showing a demo of the Watson Assistant.
  13. IBM Summer Camp: Journey to Cloud – Webinar #2: Get Started With Containers in IBM Cloud
    In the second session of the summer camp, Franck Descollonges and Clémence Lebrun focused on the usage of containers in IBM Cloud, and demonstrated the IBM Cloud Kubernetes service.
  14. IBM Summer Camp: Journey to Cloud – Webinar #3: Get Started With Red Hat OpenShift & IBM Cloud
    For the final session of the cloud summer camp, cloud architects Philippe Thomas and Clémence Lebrun outlined Red Hat OpenShift, the leading hybrid cloud, on IBM Cloud and how to deploy workloads with it.
  15. Manage Your Unstructured Data – Session #1
    In the first webinar of a cloud object storage mini-series, Mariam Massoud and Douglas Burgman introduced object storage from a business perspective with various use cases.
  16. Manage Your Unstructured Data – Session #2
    In the second half of the object storage series, Mariam Massoud and Douglas Burgman elaborated on how the Cloud Object Storage is built and used to support data growth and cloud-native workloads.
  17. The Future of Computing
    Rashik Parmar, IBM Fellow and VP of Technology Europe, discussed the trends of digitisation, future work practices and client expectations, the use of AI, blockchain and quantum computing, as well as the technical architecture decisions and how to be a responsible computing provider.
  18. A Look At The Post-Pandemic Bank & The Need For Extreme Digitisation
    Here, CTO of Financial Services Nordic, Pål Krogdahl, elaborated on the future trends in banking post-Covid, by addresing the new innovations of fintech and its impact on technology, regulations, and people.
  19. The Clients Are Changing Habits – What About The Banks?
    In this webinar, Danny Tang, IBM Industry Academy Member/Global Banking Front Office Leader, elucidated the challenges and trends in digital banking and how banks can transform progressively.
  20. IBM i: Power to Connect & Innovate
    IBM Systems’ Program Director Alison Butterill and Business Architect Tim Rowe highlighted in this session the new capabilities and offerings of the latest IBM i update.
  21. Creating a Smarter Data Protection Platform
    Together with Bergstein Karlsson from Origo, Technical Sales Leader Data Security, Marco Ercolani used practical examples to illustrate how to combine IBM Guardium and IBM Qradar to create a security platform for financial clients of all sizes.
  22. Reinventing the Banking Industry from the Core
    During this webinar, partner in IBM Global Services for the Finance Sector, Simon Ward discussed how to get started on the journey to the next generation of core banking systems with global reference stories.
  23. The Evolution of Blockchain
    Here, Thomas Perret-Gentil, technical leader IBM Global Markets, provided an introduction to blockchain, while including relevant industry-cases.
  24. Capitalize on your VMware Solutions with IBM Cloud
    In this webinar, Rajeev Saxena, Global Program Director for IBM VMware Solutions demonstrated how IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions can help clients achieve great improvements in total cost of ownership.
  25. How to get started with Blockchain from a Business Perspective
    By assessing blockchain from a business perspective, transformation architect Henrik Toft shed light on what to consider when deciding if blockchain is the right framework for your future plans.

I would like to thank all the speakers and attendees for participating and enlightening me – and hopefully many others – with their insights, expertise, interaction and questions during the webinars.

If you have any inquiries or suggestions to webinars, technology or anything else, please do not hesitate to contact me at niklasp@dk.ibm.com.

Country Manager Iceland, IBM

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