21-25 February 2016: Register for IBM Interconnect 2016 conference Premier Cloud

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Register for the IBM Cloud and Mobile Conference in Las Vegas


Join us February 21-25 at the MGM Grand & Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, NV for our InterConnect 2016 conference.InterConnect offers a unique educational experience tailored to your needs with more than 2,000 sessions. From business breakout sessions to hands-on technical explorations, the InterConnect curriculum is designed to help you quickly and easily realize the full value of your investment-allowing you to accumulate a year’s worth of professional education in just one week. In addition to sessions, labs and workshops, you’ll also enjoy countless networking opportunities with more than 24,000 peers and industry leaders representing the full lifecycle of IT-from Cloud and Mobile developers to IBM executives and distinguished engineers.

Deploying Development Environments for Administrators, one of the many tracks available,will provide guidance to successfully deploy Rational solutions, whether on-prem, private or public cloud, as-a-service, or as a hybrid combination. Administrators need to decide upon the best operational contexts, preferred technologies, required service levels, and how to effectively reuse IT services. Explore how to optimize your development environments to meet your requirements and constraints including: high availability, disaster recovery, scalability, performance, security, integrations, monitoring and management.

Learn more, preview sessions and register at ibm.com/interconnect

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