Steven has lived and worked in Asia Pacific for 25+ years. He started his adventure in Public Service, working with Foreign Affairs and Immigration in Indonesia, before entering the Private Sector holding senior positions in a number of MNCs and large Asian conglomerates across the region. With the world's center of gravity shifting to Asia, and Steven's personal links to the region, he brings an interestingly coherent description related to the emerging strategic and economic links in this region. He regularly speaks at Industry events sharing valuable insights related to the Digital Economy, addressing the topics of cybercrime, mobility, AI, cashless payments- without ignoring the social and regulatory challenges associated with these disruptive technologies. Steven also teaches at the National University of Singapore (NUS) Business School to senior executives on the before mentioned areas. He is an avid traveler--not tourist--and has committed most of his 25+ years to engaging the region to help us better understand the astonishing diversity and opportunities that exist. Specialties: Financial Services Sector, Sales, Consulting, Risk Management, Audit, International Project Management and new business Start Ups.