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Data fabric and Cloud Pak for Data deliver data-driven business insights

By | 4 minute read | December 2, 2021

“Data is key to any enterprise but must be readily available to employees, partners, and customers in real-time.”

– Noel Yuhanna, VP and Principal Analyst, Forrester, Enterprise Data Fabric Enables DataOps, August 2, 2021

The struggle is real. While most enterprises are teeming with volumes of finance, operations and consumer information, their users often lack the business-ready data needed to drive new insights. Their challenges are many. Some data architectures cannot meet real-time requirements. Data assets are locked up in siloed data repositories or spread across disparate hybrid or multicloud environments. Governance and security fears may keep data access restricted, under the control of technology organizations

The 2021 Forrester report, Enterprise Data Fabric Enables DataOps, reads, “Delivering connected data across hybrid and multicloud sources isn’t trivial, especially with growing data volumes, complexity, and the need for rapid ingestion. Poorly integrated business data leads to poor business decisions, bad customer experience, reduced competitive advantage, and slower innovation and growth.” Organizations recognize that to stay competitive requires new strategies and practices. Data fabric architecture solutions have catapulted to the forefront.

Why is data fabric important?

Leading organizations seek to democratize data to allow business users to access and leverage data themselves to support faster and more accurate business decisions—but often lack the technology or skills to do so. A data fabric architecture helps solve that challenge.

A data fabric includes a set of data management capabilities that enable the full breadth of integrated data management capabilities, including discovery, governance, curation, and orchestration, regardless of on-premises, multicloud or hybrid cloud platforms. The approach provides organizations with business-ready data needed to support applications, analytics and business process automation. Data fabric helps businesses meet the needs of their authorized users by having the right data, just in time with end-to-end governance. 

Weaving technology and talent together for peak results

Through our partnership with IBM and other solution providers, we remain at the forefront of successful modernization efforts. Using the leading data fabric architecture delivered through the IBM Cloud Pak® for Data platform, our clients experience the power of a single architecture for data management, governance, and security across their hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Two recent clients, Wichita State University and a regional bank located in the Western US, gained newfound business insights, process agility, and operational efficiencies achieved through comprehensive, consistently governed information to authorized data users across their organizations.

In my own words


Designing a proactive safety net to thwart student dropout

Wichita State University (WSU) sought to evaluate student satisfaction, retention, and dropout rates. Administrators wanted a proactive plan to help struggling Wichita State Shockers get the help they need to stay in college, thus increasing their graduation rates.

Prolifics teamed with WSU to modernize its ecosystem using IBM Cloud Pak for Data and a data fabric architecture.  Data fabric eliminated data silos across departments, improving data governance, quality and lineage capabilities. It created a single view of university data regardless of its location. Reporting dashboards provide easily accessed insights and trends to university analysts and administration. WSU got to the root cause of why students leave, deployed mitigation plans and increased the numbers of alumni who graduated. The agile, scalable AI and analytics platform enables further examination of student and operational trends.

Data fabric uncovers new opportunities across the bank

A medium-sized regional bank wanted consolidated data platforms for ease of use, enhanced development capabilities, greater performance, and a comprehensive roadmap for data integration and governance. Data-driven business analytics and reporting capabilities were essential to its executive team.

Using the robust capabilities of IBM’s data fabric, our solution provided authorized user access to appropriately governed, highly secure data and new modeling tools for decision making. Now the bank can access its data across the organization and better analyze its business processes and operations to identify cost-saving and revenue-generating operational efficiencies, customer care opportunities and new product development.

“Firms that invest in data fabric architecture will democratize data to support new business insights, customer analytics, personalization, and real-time and predictive analytics, and they will be able to respond more quickly to business needs and competitive threats.”

– Noel Yuhanna, VP and Principal Analyst, Forrester, Enterprise Data Fabric Enables DataOps, August 2, 2021

Data fabric is not a one-size-fits-all solution

Prolifics’ strength is bringing together talent resources and technology tailored to your needs today and scales to meet future requirements. We collaborate with organizations across IBM to design your solution.  As an award-winning IBM Premier Business Partner and IBM Global Elite Program member, let us help you and your organization achieve the next level of success.

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