BARC names IBM a market leader in Enterprise BI and Analytics Platforms

By | 2 minute read | July 12, 2021

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We are excited to announce that BARC has named IBM a market leader in enterprise BI and Analytics platforms for 2021! BARC’s findings are based on countless data points from various surveys and many analyst interactions. Vendors are rated on a variety of criteria from portfolio capabilities and architecture to sales and marketing strategy, financial performance, and customer feedback.

BARCSCORE Enterprise BI and Analytics Platforms

What BARC has to say about IBM 

“Cognos Analytics is IBM’s analytics solution and combines ease of use with elaborate governance features in an end-to-end platform” – BARC score, enterprise BI & Analytics platforms 2021

“Cognos Analytics provides functionality for dashboards, pixel-perfect reporting, stories, data modeling and analysis in a web-based, integrated user experience. On top of that, the solution offers search-based analysis (NLQ) with encapsulated cognitive capabilities aimed at business users. IBM has extended Cognos Analytics in the area of advanced analytics. For instance, Jupyter Notebooks has been incorporated in the user interface to provide more flexibility in data preparation and statistical analysis” – BARC score, enterprise BI & Analytics platforms 2021

“Automated insights in ‘Explore’ (CA) help to find relationships in large data sets, relevant drivers for a metric or create detailed forecasts.” – BARC score, enterprise BI & Analytics platforms 2021

To get your copy of the 2021 BARC score report click here.

Cognos Analytics is uniquely positioned for success

The world has fundamentally changed since Covid-19 and the expectations of decision making along with it. More than ever before, faster pivots are needed requiring access to large volumes of data, accelerated time to insights and more collaboration. Economic pressures are driving new decisions on the total cost of analytics and organizations are streamlining vendors to fewer choices looking for alternative pricing, flexible deployment models and consolidated analytics stacks.

Next generation analytics and BI

Our vision at IBM Cognos Analytics is to become your AI co-pilot with an integrated, easy to manage, and extensible data and analytics platform powered by IBM Cloud Pak for Data.

IBM Cognos Analytics is:

A co-pilot for business users to make decisions more quickly & confidently

In a post-pandemic world, business leaders can act quickly, analyze different scenarios, and look beyond historical data to augment their decision-making. We are making it easier and simpler to leverage AI and advanced analytics to reframe how businesses solve problems.

A trusted, secure, governed multi-cloud for analytics that scales and integrates

Reduced risk and cost from a fully governed analytics experience that scales to support any size business and complexity. Enhanced value with Cloud Pak for Data platform integration that goes beyond BI (i.e. data science, RPA, data virtualization, planning, data cataloging, etc.)

Everything you need, all in one place

An all-inclusive end-to-end analytics experience from AI assisted discovery to operational reporting in a single license reducing the risk and cost of multiple point solutions.

At IBM Cognos Analytics people will always be at the heart of our products. And together, we will continue to elevate analytics and ensure we guide users to ask questions, explore possible futures, and feel empowered to link data, models, and insights to the business problems they are meant to solve and the decisions they are meant to inform. We are the co-pilot for businesses to be agile, resilient, and competitive for whatever tomorrow may bring.

Thank you,

The IBM Cognos Analytics team