Accelerate the modernization of your information architecture with expert tools and advice

By and Al Martin | 3 minute read | June 28, 2021

IT architectures have witnessed an increasing amount of dispersal and segmentation over the last decade of their life cycle as new data and new technology have made their impact with 62% of enterprises planning to modernize their existing on-premises data platforms[1]. These changes are needed in order to address the lack of cohesion and widespread data repositories and to meet business needs around data and analytics. Of course, doing so can also be difficult without the right planning and experience. This is leading to abandoning modernization efforts or not starting them at all rather than developing high-performance ecosystems with automation to drive better AI models and customer experiences. Fortunately, modernizing doesn’t need to be difficult. IBM has not only developed IBM Cloud Pak® for Data, a data and AI platform, but also a Modernization Factory experience to deliver the planning and expertise crucial to modernization success.

Digital Transformation with Modernization Factory

IBM Cloud & Cognitive Expert Labs has designed a Modernization Factory powered by expertise, proven practices and accelerators to support your journey. Our prescriptive approach is built on the foundational principles of right expertise coupled with the right method to drive success. Our playbook is designed to move customers from existing legacy on-premise software landscapes to cartridges on Cloud Pak for Data that includes the following:

  • An understanding of your landscape
  • Identification of business opportunities that can be leveraged with the new architecture
  • A technical discovery that involves an inventory, assessment and roadmap
  • A mobilization & planning exercise
  • Installation & provisioning of your Cloud Pak for data instance
  • Workload Test: Minimal Viable Product (MVP)
  • Adoption and implementation: Scale with continuous workload modernization

Through the Modernization Factory engagement with IBM you will gain the opportunity to reduce costs and gain a trusted roadmap to move forward all while partnering with IBM to leverage our expertise and experience. We believe that you need to start strong to finish strong and the best way to start strong is to leverage our deep skills, unmatched expertise and unique methods to help you succeed in your modernization journey.

The advice and tools you need to make modernization and optimization easy

As part of Modernization Factory, our experts from IBM Cloud and Cognitive Expert Labs will work with you to better understand your current landscape, use case, functionality and the business opportunity you want to realize. As a first step we will engage with you in a technical discovery which includes building an inventory, an architecture assessment and a roadmap. From there, the solution is installed and provisioned, a workload test is run and any remaining adoption and implementation activities are completed.

Our flexible model allows us to accelerate your journey whether you are moving from an on-premises bare metal implementation to containerized cartridges on Cloud Pak for Data or Cloud Pak for Data as a service. The Modernization Factory also brings immense benefit to customers who are using Db2, DataStage or IBM Cognos. These benefits include:


  • The ability to containerize databases in minutes
  • No exposure of raw data
  • Maintaining full database integrity


  • Automated assessment / unit-testing
  • Automated modernization of workload
  • Automated conversion of enterprise stages to CPD connectors


  • Automated conversion of security setting to CPD native security
  • Automated modernization of workload

How to start modernizing

There has never been a better time to modernize your architecture with a data and AI platform. The era of AI demands a flexible interconnected data architecture and the experts at IBM are ready to help you accelerate success.

To learn more about the importance of upgrading, read our white paper Upgrade to agility: The value of modernizing data and AI services to IBM Cloud Pak for Data, learn more about your modernization options on our website, or reach out directly to IBM Expert Labs to kick start your acceleration journey beginning with a modernization workshop.

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