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IBM Cloud Pak for Data is now available on Red Hat Marketplace

By | 3 minute read | December 10, 2020

Beyond helping an organization move forward in its data maturity curve, a modernized information architecture can remove many of the most common barriers to AI adoption. On the road to AI, companies might need to migrate to multiple clouds or environments as business needs change, fill talent or skills gaps, reduce the costs of implementing complex solutions, mitigate concerns with data security, and overcome various other challenges. Having a hybrid, multicloud foundation for collecting, organizing and analyzing data is critical for turning AI aspirations into reality.

IBM Cloud Pak® for Data provides a modern information architecture that makes data ready for AI. Running on Red Hat® OpenShift®, this unified data and AI platform is now available for trial and purchase on Red Hat Marketplace with Operators for automated deployment. Red Hat Marketplace makes it easy to access and deploy certified software such as IBM Cloud Pak for Data in containerized environments on the infrastructure of your choice, whether that’s public clouds or on-premises. The OpenShift Operator on Red Hat Marketplace helps you deploy and manage IBM Cloud Pak for Data as an integrated data and AI platform so that you can speed innovation and digital transformation. According to a recent Forrester study, the end-to-end containerized services that IBM Cloud Pak for Data provides across the AI lifecycle can deliver substantial cost savings and benefits.

Automatically deploy IBM Cloud Pak for Data through the OpenShift Operator

IBM Cloud Pak for Data  is a pre-integrated, extensible and open platform built on a foundation of Red Hat OpenShift with a unified, prescriptive information architecture (IA), allowing you to connect, ingest, discover, govern and analyze data within unified and collaborative workflows.”
– Hemanth Manda, Executive Director, Cloud Pak for Data 

What is the value of the Operator automation on Red Hat Marketplace?

IBM Cloud Pak for Data is Red Hat-certified to apply a common criterion for dependable interoperability, enhanced security and collaborative support. Certified software offered in Red Hat Marketplace works with Red Hat OpenShift to let developers innovate and deliver solutions to customers more quickly. Users can provision faster by adding software to existing OpenShift clusters without having to go through a strenuous procurement process.

Red Hat OpenShift is a leading enterprise Kubernetes platform that helps organizations around the world bring big ideas to life with a secure hybrid cloud platform that is open to any app, team, or infrastructure. The software available on Red Hat Marketplace uses Kubernetes Operators for built-in management logic. Red Hat OpenShift makes it easier to find, install, and manage Operators running on your clusters.

IBM Cloud Pak for Data Operator in the OpenShift Console

The OpenShift Operator on Red Hat Marketplace autopilots the lifecycle management of IBM Cloud Pak for Data and helps reduce time-consuming administrative tasks, allowing users to focus on application development. It embeds operational knowledge and manages installation, patching, upgrade and scaling operations through the Operator Lifecycle Manager. Red Hat Marketplace acts as a centralized hub to easily manage your deployments across clouds by registering your clusters and installing the Operator with a single click. IBM Cloud Pak for Data Operator deployments can be easily configured and managed in the Operator Hub for configuration and day-2 operations.

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Register for a free trial of IBM Cloud Pak for Data on Red Hat Marketplace and see a demo in this webinar.

Operator Framework users can find additional instructions on getting started with the IBM Cloud Pak for Data Operator in this documentation.

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