Your questions about the Db2 modernization offer answered

By | 2 minute read | November 6, 2020

Recently there’s been a lot of excitement surrounding the offer for existing Db2 customers to modernize their architecture with dual entitlements of Db2 standalone and Db2 on IBM Cloud Pak for Data. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions and their answers.

Why is there so much excitement for this modernization offer?

Clients now have access to IBM Cloud Pak® for Data, a data and AI platform built on Red Hat® OpenShift. It provides a lot of built-in features like data virtualization and governance so that data can be cleaned and accessed throughout the organization when and where it’s needed.

The modernization offer gives Db2 clients an opportunity to deploy IBM Cloud Pak for Data at their own pace. Clients that upgrade receive capacity to explore the IBM Cloud Pak for Data base services for management, governance and analytics and may increase their capacity as they move workloads from the standalone Db2 to the containerized Db2 implementation running on IBM Cloud Pak for Data.

Will upgrading to Cloud Pak for Data be more expensive for customers?

Taking into account the platform’s governance, data virtualization and tools to build and deploy Machine Learning models, the price is much cheaper than purchasing each of those as a standalone service. The Db2 extended service may even be cheaper than the standalone service depending on the customer’s current agreement. Check with your IBM rep or business partner to see what pricing is possible for your business.

Does the modernization offer apply to PureScale and SAP users?

Yes. PureScale and SAP users can upgrade to IBM Cloud Pak for Data as part of this modernization offer. At the moment, PureScale itself is not yet supported on IBM Cloud Pak for Data, but the modernization offer’s flexibility helps.

Clients can keep their standalone Db2 implementation and run PureScale workloads while still enjoying the benefits of other IBM Cloud Pak for Data Services and moving workloads that don’t require PureScale to a containerized version of Db2. Then once PureScale support is added, they can move the additional workloads, or not; that’s their choice. The same is true for SAP, which doesn’t currently support containers.

Can IBM help companies that have no plans to containerize or might be hesitant?

We’re partial to containerization since we see the value it’s bringing to clients quite often, but understand if a company doesn’t have any plans to containerize right away. Our advice would is to still look into the modernization offer. If you prefer, you can still run Db2 standalone and get some capacity to explore IBM Cloud Pak for Data with. You may find that you get more value out of containerization and the other capabilities within IBM Cloud Pak for Data than you were previously expecting.

What if customers need help with the process of containerizing Db2?

For clients that need assistance moving their workloads from the standalone Db2 to the containerized version, IBM can help at no additional cost. Ask your IBM rep or business partner about it when you discuss the modernization offer.

A webinar discussing the modernization offer with a live Q&A will be held on November 18; sign up to receive a reminder.

If you’d like to have a one-on-one conversation with an IBM expert, you can schedule time today! And if you want to do a bit more research our whitepaper “Upgrade to Agility” goes in-depth on the Modernization offer and its benefits.