IBM reveals exclusive offer to modernize Db2 with IBM Cloud Pak for Data

By | 4 minute read | October 8, 2020

To fully leverage AI, stay ahead of the competition and keep up with increasingly demanding data volumes and variety, businesses are turning to more modernized information architectures. Yet, modernization is not a one-size-fits-all process; each business must move forward at its own pace.

Recognizing that many customers need the flexibility to self-pace their modernization journeys, IBM is providing current IBM Db2 customers an exclusive offer to modernize their architecture with IBM Cloud Pak for Data. Several options are available: keeping Db2 on bare metal and using Cloud Pak for Data base services; shifting some Db2 workloads onto IBM Cloud Pak for Data; and total adoption of the IBM Cloud Pak for Data Platform for all workloads.

The benefits of modernization are considerable, including faster deployment and lower costs. Here we take a deeper look at everything you need to know about the modernization offer, including examples of the different modernization options available so you can move at your own pace.

Db2 on IBM Cloud Pak for Data delivers cost savings and faster deployment

Using Db2 on IBM Cloud Pak for Data provides several advantages related to containerization, virtualization and efficiency improvements. By being containerized, Db2 deployment times drop significantly, from hours to minutes. And the simplicity of loading a container onto IBM Cloud Pak for Data can reduce week-long periods of deployment planning and strategy. Advantages such as this are the reason why containers can deliver upwards of 40% production savings and 66% increases in developer efficiency. [1]

Additional savings could also be achieved by deploying on IBM Cloud. Research from Ovum notes a 26% reduction in operating costs. [2] Red Hat OpenShift could also deliver 50% more IOPs in a fraction of the typical rack space, leading to storage savings. [3] And on top of that, the data virtualization provided within IBM Cloud Pak for Data can reduce ETL requests by up to 65%.

Modernization offer: Gaining access to the Data and AI platform

IBM Cloud Pak for Data offers a wide range of capabilities, divided into three categories: foundational, base, and extended services. Foundational services are included at no additional cost with IBM Cloud Pak for Data; these features include user access management, monitoring and metering, volume management, backup and migration.

Base services are available within IBM Cloud Pak for Data and are unlocked through the allocation of VPCs. Examples include Netezza® Performance Server, IBM Watson® Knowledge Catalog and Watson Machine Learning. Extended services like IBM Db2, IBM DataStage® and IBM Cognos Analytics can run as standalone or containerized implementations on IBM Cloud Pak for Data with the necessary VPC allocations.

As part of the exclusive modernization offer, existing customers receive VPCs on IBM Cloud Pak for Data [4] and can instantly begin to use the foundational services and allocate those VPCs to any base services. Customers also retain their previous VPC allocation for bare metal versions of extended services like Db2. Depending on their needs, customers can retain their allocated VPCs on bare metal, allocate some to IBM Cloud Pak for Data or even totally switch over all workloads. And if a complete switch is made, bare metal VPCs will be allocated as IBM Cloud Pak for Data VPCs. [4]

What are your modernization options?

The allocations are best illustrated with three scenarios. The first represents clients who are not yet ready to modernize Db2, but are interested in accessing IBM Cloud Pak for Data base services. Under this plan, clients keep their existing bare metal VPCs and gain additional VPCs for IBM Cloud Pak for Data to use on base services.

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The second — and most popular — scenario is designed for customers who are ready to modernize their Db2 solution to its containerized version and receive the additional VPCs for use on IBM Cloud Pak for Data base services. This option allows clients to containerize their workloads at their own pace. And the additional VPCs provided by the modernization offer can be used for whichever base services the customer needs.

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Of course, as business priorities change, clients may need to modify their infrastructure accordingly. To ensure clients have the flexibility they need, a third scenario allows a trade of Db2 entitlements for IBM Cloud Pak for Data VPCs to use for base services. This option is recommended only for those who have already decided not to include Db2 in their new architecture.

Look into your modernization options today

No matter which example fits your business needs best, modernizing your Db2 implementation can deliver many benefits like cost savings and faster ROI. To learn more about this modernization offer watch the Modernization Webinar or schedule a free consultation with one of our modernization experts.


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4 Please reach out to your IBM Representative to determine exact VPC allocation.