Explore how Netezza Performance Server helps the healthcare industry deliver better patient outcomes

Who uses Netezza Performance Server for IBM Cloud Pak for Data in the healthcare industry?

By | 6 minute read | October 23, 2020

Stakeholders from the healthcare industry — from hospital CEOs to individual clinicians — face a deluge of data with the potential to generate actionable insights that can help them make smarter decisions. But with so much data dispersed across disparate systems, locked in the databases of different applications, acquiring a holistic view and using this critical data is a tremendous challenge.

Why does the healthcare industry need enterprise data warehouses?

The role of data-driven insights in the healthcare industry is to take a whole slew of data from all sources—patient information, personal healthcare records, claims and reimbursement information—and bring it all together to create a more quality healthcare system that can focus on disease prevention and early identification in high-risk populations. This becomes a very difficult problem to solve for the healthcare industry. A more realistic approach to tackling industry challenges is to look for a modern data and AI platform that empowers practitioners to get to AI faster with increased productivity and faster development and deployment.

Enterprise data warehouses can combine all of this data into a repository for dedicated analytics.  Netezza Performance Server for IBM Cloud Pak for Data is known for its ability to ingest tremendous volumes of data and making it intelligible, simply and reliably.

The latest version of Netezza offers several performance and migration benefits. If you are an existing Netezza customer, this next generation of Netezza Performance Server is 100% compatible with Twinfin, Striper and Mako models. All you have to do is use an nz_migrate or a nzbackup/nzrestore command, then just point your existing applications to the new server and everything should work.

For customers new to Netezza, this hybrid cloud capability is unique in the industry. Netezza Performance Server incorporates NVMe fast drives and faster processors with 64-bit technology, providing greater performance over previous generation models. Netezza Performance Server can be purchased as a system with hardware and software together in a package or it is available as a platform-as-a-service to be run on various multi-clouds.

Netezza Performance Server is built on IBM Cloud Pak for Data, an all-in-one, cloud-native data and AI platform that is extensible to run on any cloud. It provides a pre-configured, governed and secure environment to collect, organize and analyze data.  This all-in-one system with the Netezza add-on is built on the Red Hat® Open Shift® Container Platform and is a perfect combination for those who want both hardware and software optimized to help propel their journey to AI.

Who uses Netezza Performance Server for Cloud Pak for Data in the healthcare industry?

Researchers – senior physicians or PhDs interested in data science and engineering whose work is to gather as much research as possible to publish papers on new breakthroughs and ground-breaking industry developments.

Study investigators – individuals who work hand in hand with the researchers and are very interested in the data itself and how they can make sense of it and get actionable insights to help publish results.

Clinicians – hospital staff like nurses, neurologists and residents who are front-line to the patient and are looking for better and more optimal ways of looking after them.

Administrators – staff members who run the day-to-day operations of the hospital. The goal of the administrator is really to make sure the hospital is running at its best.

Netezza Performance Server helps all of these personas by abstracting the complexities from enterprise data. For example, a lot of users need to generate custom reports that are often too difficult to put together with large data warehouse sets. Netezza Performance Server lets them redefine what they can do with on-the-spot data analysis.

Security is also an important part of the spectrum when dealing with healthcare data.  Concerns about patient confidentiality, how people are collecting data and bias in the data need to be taken into account as well.

Healthcare use cases with Netezza Performance Server on IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Boosting the effectiveness of clinical trials

Bringing together information from medical and scientific communities can accelerate the process of discovery and ultimately find a cure. Clinical trials are very expensive to perform and so any cost optimization that you can get with your data and AI platform will provide huge benefits in reducing infrastructure management and expenses. At the same time the data that you get from these clinical trials has very deep insights that you can harness and help drive business decisions at scale.

When you have information coming from all sources like bio-informatics, molecular modeling and epidemiological data, then you need to run a huge number of calculations on this data to come up with specific models that can help fight the disease.  Netezza Performance Server for IBM Cloud Pak for Data gives you a simple, performant and easy-to-use data warehouse to perform data science and machine learning on data volumes scaling into the petabytes. These built-in machine learning tools help companies get the most out of AI and learn from the data rather than perform explicit programming.

Enabling faster clinical decision-making

Hospitals all over the world struggle to ingest all the massive amounts of physiological data of their patients and make informed decisions that can ultimately save lives.  But if you look underneath the infrastructure needed to handle all of this data, it is not necessarily a trivial task if you had to put it all together yourself.

Netezza Performance Server for IBM Cloud Pak for Data enables hospitals to utilize a whole platform that is able to take user physiological and other patient data, ingest it into the data warehouse and get on-the-spot data analysis. In one use case, Netezza was able to ingest thousands of data points from vital sign readings and quickly make custom reports on large data warehouse sets, allowing a hospital to spot critical trends within patient data and make life-saving decisions faster.

Running hospital operations more efficiently

Hospitals face a variety of operational challenges. For example, in one hospital, analysis of the data highlighted that surgeries were taking longer than the average time because they were starting late, which resulted in slow turnover time for operating rooms. This meant that the hospital was losing more than 1,000 hours of surgery time annually.  Data analysis also help another hospital discover it lost revenues because of incorrect billing procedures. Having a data and AI platform at your fingertips allows you to crunch through all of this information and get to the heart of running your hospital optimally.

In one particular use case, IBM worked with a local hospital that was dealing with increased pressure on the hospital staff as the volumes of patients grew significantly, Netezza Performance Server for IBM Cloud Pak for Data ingested all the data in the hospital’s operations and allowed the hospital to make more informed decisions around scheduling, pre-vetting, pre-registration and financial competency. Placing all the right data into a data warehouse helped it plan for future optimizations at the regional level. The data revealed trends in various regions where all hospitals were operating and how best to optimize staff and operating levels.

The power of technology and data warehousing in the healthcare industry is a game changer that can help providers implement data and AI best practices, minimize risk and maximize speed and scale all while enabling digital transformation.  Taking data from all facets of the healthcare industry and turning it into actionable insights is a critical way to keep our population safe and free from threatening diseases. Netezza Performance Server for IBM Cloud Pak for Data provides a powerful enterprise data warehouse that allows healthcare companies to adopt next generation capabilities powered by AI, machine learning, and other intelligent technologies.

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