Embarking upon an AI journey? Don’t go it alone

By | 2 minute read | October 22, 2020

As the winds of change continue to sweep through every facet of life, the standards of digital transformation continue to evolve, leaving many businesses struggling to keep pace. Underneath every challenge — from coping with regulatory pressures to better tuning services to customer demands — is a team of people looking for the right approach.

The race to grab hold of AI’s reins

As more sojourners leave the old world and embark upon the path to attain AI’s powers of prediction, automation and optimization, the risks and rewards can still feel uncertain. It’s easy for first timers to veer off the trail. Even those with a pioneering attitude, a problem to solve and a team in place can still lose their signal.

If you and your team have answered AI’s call but have still yet to get on the road — or if you’ve already started and are stalled or facing a crossroads —we’re offering a concise pocket guide to AI.

Grounded in years of work to bring IBM clients to successful AI outcomes, the guide advocates a prescriptive step-by-step approach to help conquer common engagement hurdles.

The guide outlines IBM’s point of view on what artificial intelligence is and does. It further defines three of the most significant challenges to a successful AI implementation and how marquee clients like Lufthansa and Standard Bank Group conquered them.

If your AI aspirations aren’t well-defined, you’re not alone. This guide explains how IBM can help you determine where you are in your AI journey. Four scenarios lay out areas in which AI is most effective and in-demand by clients today: reducing risk, unifying access to data, integrating AI into workflows and better serving constituents.

What’s IBM’s prescriptive method? It’s the AI ladder with a strong foundation of data modernization. A brief overview steps you through a full summary.

The AI Ladder is a guiding principle is for organizations to transform their business by providing four key areas to consider: how they collect data, organize data, analyze data, and then ultimately infuse AI into their organization.

Readers can take advantage of two O’Reilly guides that take you further into the AI ladder. The AI Ladder, Accelerate Your Journey to AI is authored by Rob Thomas and Paul Zikopolous, and examines AI drivers and what constitutes each ladder step.

Rob Thomas’s earlier book: The AI Ladder: Demystifying AI Challenges puts full focus on the the foundation of the AI ladder: modernizing an information architecture for success in today’s hybrid, multicloud world.

Both O’Reilly guides are offered as free downloads.

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