Unlock and accelerate data up and down the energy value chain with IBM Open Data for Industries

By | 2 minute read | September 22, 2020

Between turbulent economic market conditions and the transformation of the global energy landscape, upstream oil and gas organizations face increasing pressure to exploit new finds and enhance recovery from existing fields. In this volatile business climate, data is a key differentiating asset.

Reaching sustainable growth requires doing more with less and moving faster. Data has become an accelerator for reviving industry collaboration to uncover new revenue opportunities up and down the entire value chain.

The energy industry’s largest and most successful collaboration to date, The Open Group OSDU Forum represents a wide-ranging consortium across 130 leading oil and gas service companies, systems integrators, cloud providers and academia, and over 30 of the world’s leading energy producers including Shell, BP, ExxonMobil, Equinor and Chevron forming the core producer management committee.

The ODSU Forum works collaboratively to build a cloud native data foundation with application-specific (API) and industry-data standards for seamless data access and integration. This helps fast track innovation, reduce costs and accelerate the agility of the energy ecosystem.

Data platforms must combine business and technology drivers to be successful and platform choice really matters. Energy industry leaders who harness their data and accelerate advanced technologies across their workflows stand to reap big rewards.

In order to realize the most value from the OSDU data foundation program, IBM® and Red Hat, a global leader in open source technologies, have teamed to create IBM Open Data for Industries, a new market offering built on Red Hat® OpenShift® and fully integrated with IBM Cloud Pak® for Data, to deliver a seamless data and AI platform that modernizes how enterprises collect, organize and analyze data to infuse AI-enabled operational decision-making.

With IBM Cloud Pak for Data, the energy industry can now effortlessly connect all data, including the OSDU Forum industry data standards, and automate and govern the entire data and AI lifecycle. Enterprises across the globe have turned to IBM Cloud Pak for Data to solve their most pressing challenges , bringing them one step closer to trusted, automated AI.

Building on the streamlined hybrid-cloud foundation of OpenShift, IBM Open Data for Industries offers an enterprise grade open source platform on the OSDU data foundation that supports infrastructure-agnostic, vendor-neutral solutions to reduce complexity for building a single exploration, drilling and production workflow.

IBM Open Data for Industries aims to become the platform of choice to help Energy and Petroleum industry leaders accelerate their digital transformation journey.

To learn more about the OSDU data foundation, visit The Open Group OSDU Forum

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