Industry leaders are migrating to DataStage on Cloud Pak for Data. Shouldn’t you?

By | 3 minute read | September 30, 2020

With more than 90% of the world’s data created in the last two years, the last decade has witnessed an exponential explosion of information. As organizations pivot toward more virtual interactions, adding entirely new sources of digital data to offline channels, how can enterprises ingest, manage, and use their valuable data to create meaningful insights for their business?

Industry leaders have long sought to modernizing their data architecture to transition away from legacy systems and move towards modern cloud-based architecture platforms, such as IBM Cloud Pak® for Data provide improved scalability and elasticity for fluctuating workloads, reducing operating costs and enabling connections to cloud data warehouses and real time analytical applications.

New IBM DataStage® and IBM Information Server modernization upgrades provide a seamless path for organizations to move to modern AI and cloud ready architecture to meet the demands of AI-driven business. Clients can deploy DataStage on Cloud Pak for Data, supported by Red Hat® OpenShift® — on any cloud or on-premises — to modernize a cloud-native architecture at their own pace, utilize cloud-native benefits, and experience up to 30% faster performance than traditional DataStage.

DataStage and Information Server modernization upgrades offer the following options:

  • DataStage and Information Server continue to run on bare metal; while preparing to migrate, use base services in Cloud Pak for Data, including Watson® Knowledge Catalog
  • Trade current DataStage or Information Server license entitlement, and move workloads at your own pace to run on Cloud Pak for Data.

In this blog, two success stories from different industries feature clients who have taken the leap to modernize their infrastructures using IBM Cloud Pak for Data.

Driving faster innovation with an integrated, modern data platform in the banking industry

Large banks face a tremendous challenge: continually enhancing the business user experience while quickly analyzing information from growing data sources. Financial institutions can benefit from data inventory that manages records and improves data governance. One banking client recognized the unified information architecture provided by IBM Watson® Knowledge Catalog on Cloud Pak® for Data as an ideal solution. The client used the base offering, which includes the automated cataloging service seamlessly integrated with DataStage to streamline data collection and management across the enterprise. The solution supports a unified data governance operating model strategy and platform, providing proper data governance at a faster rate. By modernizing its data infrastructure, the bank can now consolidate software stacks into a single user experience platform, increase collaboration across its community of developers and gain greater insights from its data to better serve their customers.

Adopting a unified enterprise Data and AI platform with Cloud Pak for Data

International financial service organizations need a centralized enterprise-wide data and analytics infrastructure to support data governance, automate routine data tasks and help manage US and international data compliance requirements. Because sound data governance depends on timely access to quality data, a past client turned to IBM Cloud Pak for Data as their solution. The unified enterprise platform may help ensure all types of personas involved in the DataOps value chain can cooperate and respond to business demands through automated data discovery and classification. Data cataloging capabilities included with the base service of the platform may help organizations meet data privacy requirements, and by using DataStage to process large volumes of data needed to build AI models, the client expects to see significant improvements in the performance of their data science activities.

Getting started with the IBM DataStage and Information Server modernization upgrades

For enterprises to set up a new, modern infrastructure to help improve their data governance or those needing to streamline their data collection, IBM DataStage on Cloud Pak for Data provides the necessary DataOps tools, such as the IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog on a unified container-based platform, to help resolve these business challenges. Legacy DataStage and Information Server users can now modernize at their own pace and leverage existing investments in skills and assets while benefiting from the IBM Cloud Pak base services entitlements included with the upgrade.

To learn more about the benefits of the IBM DataStage modernization upgrade program, view the on-demand DataStage Upgrade webinar.

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