How industry leaders get their data ready for AI

Data and AI Virtual Forum sessions now available on-demand

By | 2 minute read | September 10, 2020

Organizations across the globe are using AI to reshape their businesses and deliver new value to their customers: smarter operations, cost efficiencies, and even new business models. But many businesses will need to clear obstacles as they work to build and scale AI.

That’s why IBM created the Data and AI Virtual Forums, a series of online and on-demand events geared to help businesses address common challenges on their journey to AI: talent scarcity, data complexity, and a lack of trust in AI systems.

Sessions from our latest virtual forum are now available on-demand. Geared to help organizations understand everything they need to do to get their data ready for AI, business leaders, industry experts, analysts, and thought leaders will share best practices and success stories about unlocking the value of their data to put AI to work.

Hear from the executives driving AI innovation at organizations including Marriott International, Anthem, ING, The Wilson Center, KOY-Law Intelligence, MHC, Sycomp, and more.

Register now at no cost and tune into thought-provoking conversations about making data simple, accessible and business-ready. Highlights include:

Keynote: “The secret behind a smarter business: Look at the data”

How do you build a smarter business, ready to adapt to massive changes in the marketplace, the economy, or customer demands?  Join Rob Thomas, Senior Vice President, IBM Cloud and Data Platform as well as leaders from Marriott International and Anthem to learn how to build businesses with resilience, flexibility and data-driven intelligence.

Panel: As big as the ocean: The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) unifies data to eradicate beach pollution

The garbage that washes up on beaches around the world is more than an inconvenience. Marine litter represents a serious threat to our oceans and the billions of people who depend on them. Join this session to hear insights from Dr. Anne Bowser, a leader driving innovation at the Wilson Center. Learn how UNEP teamed with the IBM Data Science and AI Elite team to measure marine litter and track initiatives to eradicate pollution – and how every organization can drive outcomes from better data.

Session: How AI will help enterprise drones take flight

Drone technology offers plenty of potential value for the enterprise, from agribusiness to energy production and real estate to precision weather modeling. But the biggest obstacle to greater business adoption isn’t aircraft design or finding talented pilots – it’s the data. How can you ensure the data you capture will deliver value to your business? The answer may be AI-driven autonomous navigation. Join Nili Guy, IBM Research, for an exploration into drones, data and AI.

Learn more ways to harness data and AI as forum series rolls out

There’s more to explore in our Data and AI Virtual Forum platform – whether you are just getting started with AI, or fully operationalizing AI throughout your business. In coming weeks, we will launch additional on-demand content tailored to help you overcome challenges on your Journey to AI. Check the Data and AI Virtual Forum website for newly-available content, including speakers, topics and ways to engage. We’ll also profile new content in upcoming blog posts.

Register now at no cost today.