IBM Cloud Pak for Data and Forrester Podcasts: Save on IT costs and drive innovation with AI

By | 2 minute read | August 3, 2020

A modern data strategy should comprise an end-to-end experience that integrates all tools needed to manage the analytics lifecycle – from data collection to operationalizing AI. But it doesn’t have to be costly to achieve this type of information architecture. With a unified insights platform, such as IBM Cloud Pak for Data, you can accelerate innovation with AI and eliminate the need for costly integrations of disparate services.

Join our two-part podcast series with Forrester Research’s Vice President and Principal Analyst, Brian Hopkins, to learn why enterprises are shifting to an integrated platforms that incorporate data management and analytics and how they are realizing the cost savings benefits associated with this type of solution.

In our first podcast, Hopkins speaks with Dinesh Nirmal, Chief Product Officer of IBM Cloud Paks, about the value IBM Cloud Pak for Data has brought to customers in the past two years and why the need for speed and agility from consolidated toolsets now supplants the traditional practice of using disparate toolsets.

They discuss the benefits of using a data and AI platform residing on a cloud-native, Kubernetes architecture, including how IBM Cloud Pak for Data running on Red Hat OpenShift can deliver up to 38% lower IT infrastructure and development costs per application.

You’ll learn how to help reduce the time and resources needed to manage your data and how to deploy ML models, and why IBM Cloud Pak for Data is one of the leading platforms that enable businesses to realize the most value from their data.

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In our second podcast, Brian Hopkins meets with Ayal Steinberg, VP, WW Sales, IBM Data and AI, to discuss the importance of an insights platform that reduces data storage and movement costs while simultaneously automating governance. Steinberg describes a new service that recently became available with Cloud Pak for Data, IBM Virtual Data Pipeline (VDP), which has delivered up to 95% in savings in storage capacity.

Learn about the expansion and growth of data and how increasing levels of automation in extracting and cleansing data is key to modernizing your data strategy.

Hopkins and Steinberg also discuss the importance of working with data during the COVID-19 pandemic. If companies are adaptive and growing in the current environment, they likely recognize the opportunity for using data to help them derive insights that will enable them to weather the pandemic.

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Take a peek into expert thoughts about current trends in the data and AI market, and how you can stay ahead of the competition.

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