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By | 3 minute read | July 20, 2020

Most organizations know that AI is becoming a requirement for their data and analytics. But with this realization also comes the challenges of trusting AI outcomes. It’s true that AI can help users get faster and more accurate answers and insights. It supports better plans, budgets and forecasts. And unaided by machine-learning and AI solutions, enterprises can’t hope to effectively understand and gain value from all the data they have. But there are many obstacles to adopting AI, and trust is not the least of them.

To feed AI models, users must first access, clean and classify the right data sets across the enterprise. Then, trust and explainability questions need to be addressed at multiple levels. This is because as companies increase their AI activities, privacy and algorithmic bias challenges can erode trust and slow progress.

A prime example is in financial operations. Finance leaders often rely on AI to measure risk and create competitive advantage. Under intense pressure to supply strategy, strong results, and regulatory compliance, CFOs have particular responsibilities around selecting and adopting AI solutions. How do you deliver data governance, make “black box” AI analytics transparent, reveal and mitigate bias in algorithms, and explain AI-driven processes and results?

Data and AI Virtual Forum: Trusting your data and AI-driven decisions

To address these pain points in the journey to AI, IBM is hosting a three-part virtual event: Data and AI Forum. This free event series will provide expert insights into common AI adoption hurdles from Talent to Trust and Data concerns. During the second event on July 29, we will share sessions that help our clients overcome the AI challenges around Trust. (You can learn more about June event covering the theme of Talent here).

Join us to learn how to make your data trustworthy and business-ready. We will discuss current perspectives on AI and the importance of trust in today’s climate, and how clients can feel more confident about AI-driven insights, decisions and results. Find out how your AI processes and workflows can be more traceable, transparent and explainable.

The Data and AI Virtual Forum is for participants who are looking for insight on how to build and scale AI for trust and visibility. Discover client success stories, hear from industry leaders and connect with IBM executives to understand how IBM helps customers realize value from AI.

I invite you to our session in the AI for Financial Operations track, “Trusted insights, confident decisions: AI-driven analytics” where I will be moderating our panel of experts including:

  • Mike Lock, Senior Vice President, Research, Aberdeen Group
  • Ann-Grete Tan, Senior Vice President, Strategy & Operations, QueBIT
  • Jason Tavoularis, Senior Product Manager, IBM Planning Analytics and Cognos

We will examine the importance of trust for both clients and employees, and discuss how AI-infused analytics solutions such as IBM Planning Analytics and IBM Cognos Analytics can help create more trusted outcomes. We will also cover common obstacles in AI adoption, how real clients have risen to the challenge, and how IBM is making it easier for users of any expertise level to embrace AI.

AI-adoption benefits and challenges

Leading organizations are investing in AI to realize the value of their data in totally new ways, enabling them to predict and shape future outcomes. These leaders are interested in how they can create intelligent workflows that automate decisions and experiences – and how to enable their people to do higher value work.

While AI is the defining transformation technology, using it can seem difficult. To turn AI plans into measurable outcomes, organizations must first address AI-adoption challenges. These include:

  • Tracking performance of production AI and its impact on business goals, with actionable metrics, in a single console
  • Governing and explaining AI
  • Maintaining regulatory compliance by tracing and explaining AI decisions across workflows
  • Intelligently detecting and correcting bias to improve outcomes

Register for the Data and AI Virtual Forum, Wednesday, July 29, 2020  and find out how IBM solutions help create trust and lower barriers for customers using AI.

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