Optimize your business intelligence solution on IBM Cloud Pak for Data

By | 2 minute read | July 14, 2020

At a point in the not-too-distant future, AI will comprise an integral part of everyday business tools. But you need not wait for tomorrow, because, IBM Cognos® Analytics puts AI in the hands of users today to help them prepare, analyze, visualize their data and share insights across their organizations to foster more data-driven decisions. Cognos Analytics users have single-click access to advanced analytics and forecasting. They can ask questions in plain language and receive actionable answers in natural language.

IBM Cognos Analytics offers a way for organizations to reduce costs with self-service intelligent analytics capabilities, helping users with automated data preparation and best visualizations recommendations, improving results and driving better analysis and reporting. With built-in AI, users can find the insights they need and create accurate analyses without the help of IT staff or data scientists. This helps users to more quickly find and share the right answers in compelling visualizations that everyone can understand.

IBM Cognos Analytics combined with IBM Cloud Pak for Data

For even more powerful – and faster – data preparation, analysis, and report creation, IBM Cognos Analytics can be combined with IBM Cloud Pak for Data, a fully integrated data and AI platform. Cloud Pak for Data modernizes how businesses collect, organize and analyze data and infuse AI throughout their organizations. Cloud native by design, the platform unifies market-leading services spanning the entire analytics lifecycle.

From data management, DataOps, governance, business analytics and automated AI, Cloud Pak for Data helps eliminate the need for costly, and often competing, point solutions. At the same time, it provides the information architecture needed to implement AI successfully. Building on the streamlined hybrid-cloud foundation of Red Hat OpenShift, Cloud Pak for Data takes advantage of the underlying infrastructure optimization and management.

Spend more time on higher-value work, less time searching for data

Forward-thinking businesses aim for greater process automation, agility, transparency and the power to make more data-driven decisions. Using AI, predictive analytics and cloud, professionals can change the way they work, increasing time spent on higher-value tasks versus searching for hard-to-find data and answers. The combination of IBM Cognos Analytics with Cloud Pak for Data makes the advice “accelerate your journey to AI,” more than just a catchphrase. These powerful solutions together can help provide enterprises a true competitive edge.

Deploy on any cloud or multi-cloud model

IBM Cognos Analytics on Cloud Pak for Data is designed for easy deployment and maintenance, allowing organizations to start quickly and focus time on collaborating with other stakeholders and analyzing data to propel the business forward.

Cognos Analytics on Cloud Pak for Data can run on any cloud or multi-cloud environment such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud and private clouds. The flexibility to deploy anywhere prevents vendor lock-in.

Give your organization the edge it needs to:

  • Execute data prep, exploration, analysis, and reporting with greater accuracy
  • Infuse AI into your analytics
  • Shift time to high-value work instead of searching for hard-to-find data and answers
  • Allow more self-service analytics without reliance on IT staff
  • Make more data-driven decisions for a greater competitive edge

For more information, check out the on demand analytics on Cloud Pak for Data webinar or visit the Cognos Analytics homepage.

You can also try it out for yourself with the no-cost 7-day trial, IBM Cloud Pak for Data Experiences.

Accelerate your journey to AI.