Hybrid Cloud and AI: keeping London’s cycle hire scheme on the move

By | 2 minute read | June 23, 2020

When planning for a day of business, how do you calculate the numerous factors that may affect your bottom-line revenue? For Serco, a company which operates a bike-sharing service throughout London, the answer was in their data. In order to find the most efficient and cost-effective way to manage and maintain 12,000 shared bicycles across 800 stations throughout London, Serco teamed up with IBM Partner DecisionBrain to analyze their customer data and usage patterns.

For this project, DecisionBrain used IBM Decision Optimization to calculate the optimal number of bikes needed at each station at any given time, and also to plan efficient routes for maintenance teams to repair and redistribute bikes accordingly. The results were seen in a decrease in company costs and an overall more efficient bike sharing service.

For a closer look at DecisionBrain’s impact on Serco’s bike sharing program in London, watch this video:

IBM Decision Optimization is available in Cloud Pak for Data

The collaboration between DecisionBrain and Serco is just one example of some of the great capabilities IBM Decision Optimization has to offer. Today, IBM Decision Optimization is a key capability  within the Watson Studio Premium extension for IBM Cloud Pak for Data, a cloud-native, container-based data platform that allows organizations to collect, organize and analyze data across any cloud. Watson Studio Premium includes key capabilities like IBM Decision Optimization and SPSS Modeler that allows teams to predict and optimize business outcomes in a single unified platform.

As a business partner, one of the biggest advantages of Cloud Pak for Data is that it brings everything we need into one single place. This makes our operations much easier and reduces the cost of building our projects because we have decision optimization and machine learning technology all in one centralized location, from which we can easily deploy to any cloud. IBM Cloud Pak for Data would have been especially useful had we had access to it at the time we had the bicycle optimization project with Serco.

DecisionBrain’s collaboration with IBM

As the founder and CEO of DecisionBrain, I’m happy to announce that we will continue our partnership with IBM, as some of our technology will be incorporated into their offerings.  For example, DecisionBrain has partnered with IBM to introduce IBM Decision Optimization Center 4.0 to help users make confident business decisions and improve return on investment by using analytics to take on planning and scheduling challenges.  Decision Optimization Center helps reduce the cost and time to build decision-support applications by supporting flexible development and deployment approaches. Also, business users and technical users can easily collaborate and drive quicker time-to-value.  Learn more about IBM Decision Optimization Center 4.0 here.

DecisionBrain has always had a special relationship with IBM. As a former IBMer, I worked in the ILOG division for 15 years before leaving to start my own venture. Likewise, many of DecisionBrain’s employees are former ILOG and/or IBM employees, which makes us global experts in some of the IBM advanced analytics products including IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization StudioIBM Decision Optimization and IBM Watson Studio.

I look forward to seeing what the future holds for DecisionBrain and IBM, as well as what can be achieved with the power of advanced analytics and decision optimization. Learn more about our partnership with IBM here.

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