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By | 3 minute read | June 15, 2020

Keeping up with modern business

Business analysts today are expected to deliver insights and decisions on demand. Yet with continually increasing data complexity and volume, business analysts find it more and more challenging to produce accurate results in a timely fashion.

A common business hurdle is the time and effort it takes to coordinate and execute planning, budgeting, forecasting, and reporting using all the data available. Critical data, which combined could show valuable business insights, often lives in separate and siloed systems. Two ways that businesses are solving these challenges is by embracing software with AI built in and leveraging those AI capabilities to expand the skillset of their workforce.

One prominent use case is the office of finance. The CFO and finance organization have a strategic role to play as stewards of data, algorithms of measurements and validation of benefits, and thereby determine the success criteria for any organization looking to embrace AI. CFOs who invest in AI can help their organizations grow, manage risk and ultimately achieve sustainable competitive advantage. But adoption is step one.

Source: IBM Institute for Business Value: The Cognitive Enterprise: The finance opportunity

Data and AI Virtual Forums: Breaking down barriers to AI adoption

IBM’s research shows that forward-looking enterprises utilize automation and AI to augment their core strengths and supplement weaknesses. The IBM Institute for Business Value reports that 73 percent of organizations expect revenue growth from adopting intelligent automation. Businesses are using AI to empower their people to focus on what’s important and make better decisions.

But adoption is slow. This is due to a range of implementation challenges that often fall into three key areas: talent, trust, and data. With the goal of providing solutions to these challenges, IBM is hosting the Data and AI Virtual Forum. This free event series will dive into these common AI adoption hurdles and help our customers achieve more success in their journey to AI. The first event on June 17 will highlight the challenges surrounding talent – a common concern that AI skills are in high demand so a majority of organizations are struggling to fund or acquire the right talent.

Featured session: “Change the analytics game: empowering users with AI”

I invite you to join my session “Change the analytics game: empowering users with AI” as I bust the myth that  data science skills are required to adopt AI-infused analytics solutions.

It may seem that in order to successfully implement AI as part of your everyday processes you will need specialized talent. But with AI capabilities built into solutions such as IBM Planning Analytics and Cognos Analytics, AI is demystified and available to users of any skill level. With these modern AI-infused analytics solutions, organizations of any size or budget can produce AI-driven forecasts, plans, and reports.

In addition, AI embedded within analytics solutions can help magnify existing user skills and enhance performance. For starters, AI is able to interpret incredible amounts of data and leverage algorithms to produce better insights, allowing users to more confidently make decisions. AI can also help people streamline processes to guide them to the answers they need faster – providing more time for analysis and iteration instead of spending all of their time amassing data.

The need for AI-infused analytics will only continue to grow. And it is now widely accepted that AI is the best possible technology for managing, analyzing, and acting on this data. It will only get harder and harder to break through the noise of complex data. The role of human skills and intuition are still critical but can only go so far without the help of AI.

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It’s time you got more from your data. AI is changing the game. Please check out the AI for Financial Operations track at the Data and AI Virtual Forum on Wednesday, June 17 at 10:30am EST. Re-think traditional analytics and make decisions faster and with more confidence. Don’t miss the chance to come together for this first of its kind forum. Learn more about the event and register here.

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