Jumpstart your journey to AI expertise: recap of Data and AI Virtual Forum talent sessions on demand

By | 3 minute read | June 26, 2020

Talent: It’s a key issue impacting today’s AI-hungry organizations. While AI skills are in high demand, organizations admit they’re hard to come by. In fact, the lack of talent scarcity has been called out as one of the top three hurdles to AI adoption, after data complexity, and a lack of trust in AI systems.

IBM’s first ever Data and AI Virtual Forum brings together AI leaders across a variety of disciplines to dissect the talent problem and offer up fresh solutions based on successful use cases. See our recommended sessions that focus on how to cultivate the right skills mix to help AI initiatives succeed.

All sessions can now be accessed here on demand.

Start with the keynote: Talent and Tech in a Post-Pandemic World with Daniel Hernandez, General Manager, Data and AI, IBM and Aaron Levie, Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder and Chairman, Box

In a world of rapid change, flexibility and agility are essential to maximizing the productivity of your talent base. Aaron Levie, Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder and Chairman, Box describes the new way of work that delivers results for your business and customers.

“We think the future of work in not going to be defined the by office you go into or the computer you’re using but really the ability to work from anywhere, with anyone, at any time, on any device and be able to share securely with people in and outside your business in real time.”

Get a head start in cultivating the talent and expertise your business needs with AI: Only as Good as the Ecosystem that Supports It where three IBM Business Partners describe their strategies to help clients start their AI journey as they empower their clients’ teams.

If you’re looking to understanding the concept and possibilities of AI critical no matter your role in an organization, check out Building AI Skills: A How-To Guide. Ana Echeverri, IBM AI Skills Learning and Certifications Lead, gives an overview of course work of AI and Data Science education. She guides you through easy-to-access education opportunities to start your knowledge journey here on the AI Learning Community

If you’re a CIO challenged with modernization agendas: How to save a half million dollars a minute with AI Ops covers how IT teams can address incident responses faster to minimize and even prevent outages altogether by making use of all their data and leveraging the power of AIOps.

IBM, Forrester, and IDG cover key success factors for AIOps, such as unifying and correlating all data, applying an intelligent overlay across disparate monitoring tools, and integrating AIOps into the ChatOps environment.

“…CIOs are challenges with modernization agendas. They need to find ways to free up that time for this higher value work and look at creating a more digital approach to everything their doing and to reaching their clients,” said Jessica Rockwood, IBM Vice President of Development, Multicloud Management and AIOps.

Over 30,000 IBM engagements have helped clients across all disciplines accelerate their journey to AI. With self-service analytics, predictive capabilities and natural language processing, modern analytics solutions are empowering users, allowing them to be more strategic and provide more value to their organization.

Change the analytics game: empower users with AI goes into detail about the analytics solutions infused with AI are transforming planning and analytics from the office of finance to sales, marketing, supply chain and beyond.  You’ll learn about IBM’s AI ladder and how AI infused analytics eliminate replication of efforts, helps harmonize all your data to more easily drive insights and get context for those decisions.

Accelerate your journey to AI.