Cloud Pak for Data V3.0 ushers in new leap in AI platform

By and Hemanth Manda | 4 minute read | June 19, 2020

Today, we are pleased to announce the general availability of IBM Cloud Pak for Data V3.0. Over the past two years we have advanced our platform from a collection of mostly IBM data services to a robust end-to-end data & AI solution that serves, along with the other IBM Cloud Paks. With V3.0, we take pride in progressing our clients’ ability to work with data and AI to new heights. There has been extensive coverage in this space about the features and capabilities of V3.0, including this all-encompassing blog

As we look back on the 2nd-year anniversary of IBM Cloud Pak for Data, we couldn’t be more proud. The platform has grown exponentially, providing a cohesive ecosystem to accelerate data estate modernization and drive AI adoption. It’s been an exciting two years for the entire team – we, directors of product management and development for this solution, would like to celebrate our V3.0 launch by sharing with our larger community three thoughts on our journey so far and what lies ahead in the future for the product.

1. Let goals inspire, not constrain

Whenever you take on new initiatives, you have to navigate through a set of objectives, financial constraints and delivery commitments. One of the hardest things is finding a way to make your goals drive you forward and not being an anchor. If we had started making this mission about revenue and quarters, it would have stifled us. The fact that we focused on incremental improvements each sprint, each iteration as opposed to a big bang helped us and our clients significantly. Freedom to pursue what’s in the best interest of the product and our clients allowed us to focus on long-term vs short and that has been the secret to our successes. 

2. Taking Risks Pays off

Exploring the unknown and being the first to develop a “Cloud Pak” carried a lot of risk when we set off on this journey two years ago. But, the fruits of taking those risks are well worth the effort – not just for this team and IBM, but for the many clients we have helped along the journey to AI. That is what motivates us and our team every day as we take on new challenges and venture into the dark, knowing full well that success is not guaranteed, as we look to push the horizon for our clients. We hope that users of Cloud Pak for Data are also willing to experiment and push boundaries for that is the only way to hit the moonshot.

3. Talent is the Key

We were lucky to have a team that already came with deep technical knowledge. But pushing the boundaries with containers, AI applications and other newer advances required our entire team to build new skills and knowledge both on our technology and the tools we needed to utilize to build our platform. Training and learning can often be seen as activities that take time away from work but without that strong foundation we could never have made the advances we have over the past 2 years. We hope our users spend some time getting to know our platform and user interface as that will be of huge benefit on those first, crucial projects.

Looking ahead from V3.0, we will continue to innovate on the platform to deliver enhancements and features for data scientists, data engineers, data stewards, developers and business analysts.  We want to democratize data science and automate the end-to-end process for building, deploying, and maintaining AI at scale with trust and transparency infused throughout. We will work on capabilities that better permeate the Data and AI lifecycle and continue to shorten the path from data to insights for our clients. We are committed to pushing the envelope further on our modular, resilient architecture, for our platform to be fault-tolerant, elastic and scalable across any public or private Cloud. We will also be focusing more on platform management capabilities such as unified environment management across tenets and more.

There is of course an opportunity for the community to join in and help us on our goal. Cognizant of the greater financial challenges around Covid as well as a desire to gather more feedback from our community, we are pleased to announce a 2 month free trial of Cloud Pak for Data on ANY cloud to commemorate our 2nd year anniversary. You can access this trial on IBM CloudAmazon QuickstartMicrosoft Azure Marketplace or download it to deploy it in your own data center. We also recently added a beta experience of the new Cloud Pak for Data as a Service offering – interested customers can sign up for access today.

Please also check out our first Virtual Data & AI Forum if you have not done so and join us on July 27 for the second edition by registering on the site.

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