The Top Five of Think 2020

By | 1 minute read | May 12, 2020

As the world confronts new challenges, business priorities and job roles are rapidly shifting. Rethinking your entire strategy and the way you work means data and AI will play a more central role in how organizations move forward.

Take in the recent expert sessions that bring together technology and industry leaders that focus on accelerating recovery and transformation.

Rob Thomas Act, Don’t React: How AI and Automation will Change the Way You Work.

Rob is joined by dynamic leaders from Lufthansa, Box, Slack, United Parcel Service, and PayPal.






Speed, Simplicity and Self Confidence: Transform Your Business with Watson

Learn how you can transform your business with Watson to meet the needs of everyone you serve, anywhere.

Daniel Hernandez

General Manager of Data and AI, IBM                                                                                                                                                                     

Length: 25 mins


Meeting the Global Challenge of COVID-19 with IBM Data and AI

Learn what we’re doing to help you in these challenging times to meet the needs of everyone you serve while still helping keep your organization up and running.

Seth Dobrin

Vice President IBM Data & AI; CDO IBM Cloud & Cognitive Software, IBM  

Length: 25 mins


AI Foundations: Translating AI Abstract Concepts into Concrete AI Capabilities

Demystify AI by translating abstract concepts into specific technology capabilities and using real world examples to illustrate the power of AI.

Ana Echeverri

AI Skills Growth and Strategy Lead, IBM

Length: 25 mins


Journey to AI: Learn about the AI Ladder and how to accelerate your journey to AI

With the AI Ladder, a prescriptive framework we’ve developed based on thousands of AI engagements, IBM can help you determine where you are in your AI journey, and the next steps you need to take to turn your AI aspirations into business outcomes.

Scott Hebner

VP, Marketing & Digital Channels, Hybrid Cloud, IBM

Length: 25 mins

Whether you are just getting started, experimenting, or fully operationalizing AI throughout your business, IBM can help.

Accelerate your journey to AI

Modernize: Make your data ready for an AI and hybrid multicloud world.

Collect: Make data simple and accessible.

Organize: Create a business-ready analytics foundation.

Analyze: Build and scale AI with trust and transparency.

Infuse: Operationalize AI throughout your business.

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