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By | 3 minute read | April 27, 2020

In my last blog I shared some tips and best practices for leveraging AI to prepare and plan ahead during this unprecedented time of disruption and change. I hope you found it helpful and refer back to it when needed (here). We are seeing an increasing impact to businesses in every industry. Supply chains are broken, demands are shifting and resources are shrinking.

Every week makes a huge difference to the livelihood of your company. In this blog, I’d like to talk about how to create clear value in the shortest amount of time.

The IBM Data Science and AI Elite (DSE) team was created more than two years ago to work with clients in every industry to help them harness data science and AI in all aspects of the business and bring value. After over 160 engagements with clients worldwide, the DSE team has created templated packages, or industry accelerators available at no charge for some of the top use cases based on learnings from these engagements.

Each industry accelerator is a pre-packaged asset — designed to work with IBM Cloud Pak for Data — helping business leaders and data scientists solve a specific business problem, whether it’s preventing credit card fraud in the banking industry or optimizing the efficiency of your contact center.

Most of the accelerators also include sample data science assets that you can use to accelerate your analysis.

The assets include:

  • Sample data sets and schemas.
  • Jupyter notebooks that can be used to cleanse and prepare the data, run machine learning algorithms and score the resulting models.
  • Sample dashboards to display the results interactively.
  • API endpoints that can be called from other applications.

Business leaders can see how data science is used to create value; any user can see in a pre-made dashboard how the tool can be used in practical operation of their job; and data science practitioners get the packaged sample data, multiple ML models, all pre integrated into the data platform so they can quickly start using their own data to see output.

Consider this emergency response use case involving snow removal.

There is a limited number of snowplows available and a large area to cover over a limited time period. The city manager needs to know the quickest way to provide response to create traffic flow and, in some cases, provide emergency vehicles to save lives. The operator needs to have a view of all the operational plows and trucks to be able to dispatch them in the most optimized way. Using data science and optimization algorithms, the model needs to take in the resource constraints and unique conditions as inputs, leveraging past data and patterns and output recommendations of most optimal plan.

By gaining key insights and optimize the routes and deployment of the snowplows, the city is able to save money, respond in a timely fashion, and even save lives. Now consider how this use case can apply to respirators or hospital beds, personal protective equipment, or factory workers’ schedules.

This use case is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more Industry Accelerators today and more coming throughout the year.

Anthony Casaletto, Program Director (, has spearheaded the creation of the Industry Accelerators for the last year, realizing the vision of a package that provides all the necessary ingredients to advance from a demo to implementation in hours, instead of weeks or even months. The best part: these are available at no cost — and available for your consumption on the IBM Data Science Community.

Interested in learning more about the Industry Accelerators but need a little help in getting started? The DSE team can plan, co-create and prove the project with you based on our proven Agile AI methodology.


Accelerate your journey to AI.

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