Keep the train rolling: partner momentum in the data science market

By | 2 minute read | February 5, 2020

How has the newer data science technology such as Watson Studio, Watson Machine Learning and Watson OpenScale been received by the business partner community?

I mentioned in our previous blog that I was pleasantly surprised at how many IBM Business Partners have established a data science practice. The new data science technology has been very well received by our partner community. The partners closed out a very strong Q4 2019 demonstrating the value that they and their customers see in Watson Studio, Watson Machine Learning and Watson OpenScale. This is encouraging and demonstrates that we are building products that resonate in the market with our partners and their customers.

Where do we currently stand and where are we headed?

IBM now leads the market with breakthrough innovations, such as commercializing IBM Research, leveraging the reach of the Watson brand and technologies and building an enterprise-class data and AI platform with IBM’s deep, broad and unified AI expertise. IBM Research has been an innovation engine for our data science and AI offerings. Our clients actively pursue a relationship with IBM and our partners and they refine their vision and strategies via a multitude of engagements. IBM Research is pioneering some of the most promising and disruptive technologies in the world today as exemplified in our patent portfolio.

IBM is unmatched in our ability to innovate in AI and raise the bar of our data science offerings by addressing our client and partner needs with the sole  focus of adding business value. In contrast to a single-point or closed-source product approach, IBM is investing in data science and AI offerings that are open and flexible to meet the needs of our enterprise clients in the hybrid multi-cloud world. IBM has been named the global leader in data science and AI marketshare—leveraging our powerful heritage, our powerful brand and, most importantly, our powerful client base.

Streamlining and automating the AI lifecycle is front and center in our investments and roadmap. We continue to advance our capabilities to align model operations (ModelOps) such as model deployment and monitoring with DevOps. We are seeking to match Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) between models and apps to provide end users a toolkit of operations they can apply to models. This simplifies how to build robust production pipelines that not only update models, but also validate performance and test for advanced metrics like model fairness.

What role do partners play in all of this?

Partners are vital. They can continue to build on this momentum and turn sales into successful deployments, by relying on the IBM data science portfolio to unlock the power of data science for customers.

As I mentioned in our last blog, I have been evangelizing data science to drive business value for more than 20 years. Data-driven decision making has become a mainstream initiative in the market. It is a very exciting time for IBM and our business partners to drive such value to help transform our customers. For those interested in learning about new innovations in IBM data science, please join our special weekly February Webinar.

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