Scale data strategies globally with IBM Cloud Pak for Data and CockroachDB

By | 1 minute read | January 16, 2020

If you’re at a multinational company, running your data operations across various clouds and geographies can be a time-consuming, complicated process. Cloud Pak for Data, our leading data and AI platform, partners with Cockroach to solve multicloud and compliance challenges so organizations can scale their data strategies across the globe.

CockroachDB is a relational database for next generation, cloud-native applications. Named for the most resilient species on earth, CockroachDB delivers a durable, consistent, distributed SQL transactional database at scale. Said VP of business development Eric Goldstein: “We’ve built the first database from the ground up that was architected to support multiple clouds, multiple geographies across one single data source.”

By running natively in IBM Cloud Pak for Data, CockroachDB can help customers modernize how they scale out their applications in a multicloud world. “What’s interesting in the market today is there’s a shift,” explained Goldstein. “There’s a shift from running my applications in my own data center to running it in a multicloud environment, where I also want to scale out and take advantage of the on-demand compute of the cloud today. That’s really why we’re very interested in IBM Cloud Pak for Data. It brings that cloud-native distributed architecture that we can run our cloud-native distributed database within.”

Goldstein added that the partnership combines both the transactional processing of CockroachDB with the analytic processing of IBM Cloud Pak for Data. “It’s really a perfect fit. If I want to do things like machine learning and AI against all this dataset. I want to have the most current datasets together with my analytic processing.”

The joint solution helps companies globalize their data strategy and ensure data compliance. For example, “in Europe if I can handle GDPR regulations and provide that through IBM Cloud Pak for Data, that’s going to really drive a lot of adoption for us out there today,” said Goldstein.

Watch the video and learn more by visiting the IBM Cloud Pak for Data tech partner page.