Empower developers with IBM Cloud Pak for Data and Lightbend

By | 1 minute read | January 13, 2020

When it comes to building and deploying machine learning models, one of the last things that developers want to worry about is data infrastructure. Cloud Pak for Data, IBM’s leading data and AI platform, partners with Lightbend to empower developers to quickly iterate and deliver applications that maximize business value.

By employing open source technologies, Lightbend provides a cloud-native application development platform and runtime for building modern, microservices-based distributed and real-time streaming applications.

With IBM Cloud Pak for Data, Lightbend helps developers build high-performance applications that are elastic, resilient and responsive. Karl Wehden, VP of product strategy, broke down the benefits of the partnership in three key areas. IBM Cloud Pak for Data allows developers to:

  1. Run applications anywhere
  2. Gain a single view into how data is managed
  3. Leverage a “first-class citizen of the Kubernetes ecosystem”

“Being able to use Cloud Pak for Data gives you a lot more flexibility in making smart economic choices about the types of tools you use, the ability to transfer quickly between cloud providers, and essentially reduce your risk or reliance on a single vendor,” added Wehden.

Having features like data governance, federation, and AI model authoring all in a central source within IBM Cloud Pak for Data “solves some key problems for us,” he said. “Together it makes a very complete solution that meets the needs of not only the developers we serve, but the data scientists and data engineers that they work with.”

Watch the video and learn more by visiting our Cloud Pak for Data tech partner page.