Drive secure volumes of data at scale with Appen (formerly Figure Eight)

By | 1 minute read | January 20, 2020

Data security is arguably the most pressing issue facing data consumers today. In highly regulated industries such as government, finance, and healthcare, security breaches could not only put lives and livelihoods at risk, but also derail plans to infuse AI across the organization. Cloud Pak for Data, IBM’s leading data and AI platform, partners with Appen (formerly Figure Eight) to help companies address this growing sensitivity around data and make sure that security lies at the heart of any data-driven AI strategy.

Appen combines human intelligence with cutting-edge models to create training data for machine-learning projects. As Sid Mistry, VP of marketing, explained, “Cars won’t move an inch, Netflix won’t tell you what show to watch next, or Spotify can’t tell you what genre of music you might be interested in without having accurate training data to feed into these models.”

Through this partnership with IBM Cloud Pak for Data, Appen is able to label data in a protected environment that covers many verticals. “With this joint solution, we can address any level of security around customer data, and we provide the ability to have annotators be behind a firewall to ensure that this data that’s inside stays inside,” said Mistry.

The partnership allows companies to move forward in their AI journey—even if their data doesn’t fall into a predefined format. “One thing that any finance organization likely has in common is that they have vast amounts of unstructured data,” said Mistry. “With this joint solution, we help customers take unstructured data and turn it into a very usable asset for their AI initiatives.”

Watch the video and learn more by visiting the IBM Cloud Pak for Data tech partner page.

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