Build a complete data pipeline with IBM Cloud Pak for Data and Datameer

By | 1 minute read | January 28, 2020

The journey to AI starts with good, clean and secure data. In order to enable companies to get the most out of their AI and machine learning, Cloud Pak for Data, IBM’s leading data and AI platform, partnered with Datameer to build an end-to-end pipeline that collects, organizes, and analyzes data and helps infuse AI throughout the business.

Datameer uncovers data-driven answers for businesses through an agile platform that spans the entire data lifecycle, including ingestion, preparation, exploration, and consumption. By managing data analytic pipelines, analysts can drive faster and more trusted data-driven insights from more than 70 sources and formats.

“One of the things we saw as a great partnership with IBM Cloud Pak for Data was to be able to bring the entire pipeline together,” said Bob Page, chief product officer. “If your organization is looking to bring together disparate data sources, collect it all, massage it, transform it, prepare it for analysis – and bring it both to your analysts but also through some kind of pipeline upstream all the way through reporting, machine learning, and artificial intelligence – to make your organization smarter – you really should be looking at IBM Cloud Pak for Data.”

What can Datameer customers do on IBM Cloud Pak for Data that they couldn’t before? They can now “bring in one solution with a number of best of breed elements in it—from data collection and preparation to artificial intelligence,” said Page. He added that having an integrated platform removes a common dilemma: “Up until Cloud Pak for Data, customers had to choose. Do they want best of breed or do they want to have an integrated solution? Now they can have the integrated solution but also pick the best of breed solutions like Datameer that go in it. I think it’s a brilliant, brilliant model.”

Watch the video and learn more by visiting the IBM Cloud Pak for Data tech partner page.

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