Break barriers in the data maturity curve with IBM Cloud Pak for Data and MongoDB

By | 1 minute read | January 22, 2020

Data is everywhere, but using data to build modern applications that create business value is far from easy. That’s why IBM Cloud Pak for Data teamed up with MongoDB to accelerate the process from ingestion to insight. As IBM’s leading platform for data and AI, Cloud Pak for Data integrates seamlessly with MongoDB to help data scientists and developers quickly scale the ladder to AI.

It’s no secret that developers love MongoDB. It features an intuitive document-based data model, leverages distributed systems to provide resiliency and scalability, and runs anywhere to help developers build modern applications.

IBM Cloud Pak for Data’s open, extensible platform adds another layer—it “very rapidly and easily integrates in data science capabilities, artificial intelligence, machine learning capabilities on top of core application capabilities,” says Director of Information Strategy David Koppe.

“When you look at the multiple phases of the ladder to AI,” he says, “most organizations typically struggle with various challenges along that maturity curve. They may be technological challenges, they may be organizational challenges, they may be process challenges. What IBM Cloud Pak for Data does is really help break down those barriers and expedite the process… and ultimately accelerate that ladder to AI.”

Together, this partnership allows companies to “deliver insights much more efficiently and much more rapidly on the platform of their choice,” adds Koppe. How rapidly exactly? “A few clicks on a couple of links,” he describes. “What would have previously taken days, weeks, months of effort across all of these different organizations now becomes a very compelling and efficient self-service environment.”

By removing technological and organizational barriers that can keep a company from advancing their journey to AI, organizations can gain a competitive edge. As Koppe sums up, “the additional insight from data that’s already within your organization can really be game-changing.”

Watch the video and learn more by visiting Cloud Pak for Data’s tech partner page.