Voice of the client: The secret to gaining customer loyalty at Localiza

By | 2 minute read | June 28, 2019

From our humble beginnings 46 years ago in Belo Horizonte, Brazil renting out six used VW Beetles, to becoming known as the largest, most respected car rental network in Latin America, Localiza’s first priority has always been to be admired by its peers—but most importantly, its customers.

This is a goal we’ve now managed to achieve, and many want to know how we’ve accomplished it.  It’s simple. We customize our interactions with our customers based on their past history, their preferences, their status and their need for privacy. And thanks to the golden record created for each customer in our system, we can be confident that no matter which of our four lines of business he or she interacts with, the data is accurate and up to date.

From the moment a client steps into one of our 565 locations, they fully experience the kind of personal treatment one doesn’t expect from such a large company as ours – but at the same time, they can be re-assured that the choice to be known or remain less so, is theirs.

Many companies struggle with outdated, duplicate or incorrect customer data. At Localiza, we can go beyond identifying the customer by name, profession and role to customizing the entire experience based on the customer’s past history with us. With this 360-degree view of each customer’s current activity and rental or purchase history, we can deliver more responsive and personalized service.

This is all because of a solution from IBM called Master Data Management we implemented in 2010 as part of an overhaul of our customer relationship management (CRM) system. Back then, we knew we needed to collect and organize data before it could be made usable across our business. We also wanted a solution that provided consistent, high quality data for a holistic view of each customer.

IBM Master Data Management ensured we had a robust and trusted set of information about our customers. The solution has allowed us to unify our view of client data across four business units: car rentals, fleet management, used car sales and franchise. Details such as what kind of car the customer prefers to rent or buy – and where he or she prefers to travel – means we can get more precise in tailoring discounts and upgrades.

But it wasn’t always this way. Getting a complete and accurate picture of our customers was sometimes difficult. The car rental service may have some of the data. The used car sales platform might have had the rest. And of course, there were plenty of inconsistencies between data platforms, depending on which had been updated most recently. Now, no matter which service a customer interacts with, we can be assured that the data record of the customer we are looking at is the same across all services and branches.

And it is done so with compliance measures like consent management built-in. With upcoming data privacy legislation in Brazil (Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados Pessoais – LGPD), Master Data Management has a distinct advantage for us. We’ll be able to comply with regulatory requirements and offer our customers the peace of mind, knowing they have control over how much data they wish to share, or not.

This, in turn, helps us fulfill our mission of treating our customers with respect and in turn, we earn the admiration desired.

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