Digital transformation: An elevator-pitch comic book

By | 0 minute read | February 4, 2019

AI is unlocking the value of data in new ways. Not only does it automate decisions, processes and experiences, but it also optimizes people to do higher-value work. As organizations start unlocking these insights, many are finding that they are even on the road to reimagining business models.

While only 16 percent of leaders get what they need from their data today, the majority already know that data is the key to digital transformation and view AI as a strategic imperative. However, what might not be on their roadmap is modernizing their organizations’ information architectures. Without this in place, results include fragmented views of siloed data that are difficult to discover and know everything about, decrease trust for data-driven initiatives, and are impossible to use for true analytical insight.

Join Dion Hinchcliffe as he stars in his first comic book, leading the charge to uncover the keys to a trusted, business-ready analytics foundation to know, trust, and use data.

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