Ask, Learn, Grow: The Secret to Getting a Job You Love

By Prapthi Cariappa Kayapanda (4 min)  I joined IBM as an IT intern three years ago. Our specific role was not decided on the first day of internship. Two days after the internship began, I had a meeting with my manager where we discussed about my previous experience and the courses I had learned during […]

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Dynamism and Constant Learning: How IBM Keeps This Millennial Engaged

By Polina Tsolova (2 min read) Millennials are everywhere. We read articles on how to manage millennials, how to organize corporate parties for millennials, and how to make millennials listen to other generations. We watch movies about millennials and read research studies about them. So what makes millennials so different? Well, for sure there is […]

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How IBM Creates a Culture of Learning

By Gordon Fuller (5 minutes read) Today, learning opportunities are exploding everywhere on the net and in the enterprise. Learning happens formally and informally. From employer-provided job enablement courses in a Learning Management System (LMS) inside a corporate firewall, to enthusiast videos on YouTube—the days of the monolithic, corporate LMS are forever gone. To revolutionize […]

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