Reinvent your Career with the IBM Apprenticeship Program

IBM Apprenticeship program

This year marks the 5-year anniversary of the IBM Apprenticeship Program.

Part of IBM’s “New Collar” initiative, it serves as an entry point for candidates wanting to make a career change, at any point in their journey, as long as they are equipped with the skills and knowledge in the domain that they’re pursuing. By placing the focus on skills and competencies, rather than the need for a traditional educational degree, the Apprenticeship program helps to close the tech skills gap and provides increased opportunities to bring new talent into the tech industry.

To celebrate the success, growth, and impact this program has had over the previous five years, we would like to introduce you to a few of our proud IBM Apprentices who reinvented their careers and are thriving in their new roles.


Endless opportunities to continue to learn & grow


IBM Apprenticeship Program - Spark

Spark, Cloud Engineer

“My name is Spark, and I am a Cloud Engineer (what we call a ‘Technology Engineer’ at IBM) on the Client Engineering team. I work with multi-disciplinary teams alongside our clients to produce minimal viable products and enterprise-scale solutions at lean, start-up speed. But I wasn’t always technical in nature. Prior to joining IBM, I worked in sales roles at start-ups, and over time, grew an interest in the technical side of things. I attended a coding boot camp to attain the skills required to make a career jump. A classmate of mine in the boot camp was hired at IBM, which prompted me to check out the opportunities in the Apprenticeship program. I decided to take the leap and am proud to say I’m now an IBMer, where I have endless opportunities to continue to learn and grow my skill set!”


It’s never too late to be what you want to be


IBM Apprenticeship Program - DeWayne

DeWayne, Application Developer

“I’m DeWayne, and I’m an Application Developer for IBM Consulting. Before joining IBM, I worked in retail management and had been a management professional for over 20 years. I was looking for a career change that encompassed my passion for everything tech, so I decided to go back to school. Soon after, I was approached by a career services specialist about the IBM Apprenticeship Program. I ended up joining as part of the inaugural apprentice class at the Monroe, Louisiana, Client Innovation Center. The most meaningful part of the program has been the realization that there were multiple ways to pivot into a career in technology and that it’s never too late to be what you want to be.”


I updated my digital presence, and the rest is history


IBM Apprenticeship Program - Adrianna

Adrianna, Campus Talent Acquisition Sourcer

“I’m Adrianna, and before IBM, I worked in retail management and in various roles in HR, sales, and operations. There came a point in my career when I was tired of the long nights and early mornings, with little time left for life and family in-between. I did my research and made a list of top companies I could join without a degree. IBM kept coming up on all the top lists, so I found a Talent Acquisition Coordinator Apprentice role on LinkedIn. I updated my digital presence, and the rest is history. My life truly changed overnight. I went from putting out fires all hours of the day and night, to being able to actually enjoy a vacation with my family knowing that my team had my back. That’s time well spent with my daughter, and thanks to IBM, I can do that!”



No degree? No problem!

The IBM Apprenticeship program is looking for individuals that have a passion for technology. It’s a full-time, earn and learn program, for those who don’t have a 4-year bachelor’s degree in the field they’re interested in, but have acquired knowledge in the domain.

If you’re ready to transform your career, the IBM Apprenticeship Program is ready to help. Let’s connect!