Nadeen’s Story: IBM Application Developer who Helps People Create

By | 4 minute read | July 28, 2022

We recently sat down with one of our creative Web Developers, Nadeen. She is originally from Egypt, but currently living in Hungary. We asked her to share her IBM story, as well as her career journey and accomplishments, the favorite parts of her job, and any exciting projects that have been memorable.

Nadeen began her journey at IBM as an intern in our software development business in November 2020 and quickly became a full-time IBMer just a few months later, reinforcing the fact that IBM is a destination for growth opportunities and career development


Tell us about what you do in your role?

I operate within the HR department as a Web Developer, focused on maintaining and advancing IT provisioning, which in turn influences the experience of new hires at IBM. Whilst coding makes up a substantial part of my job, I also sustain relationships with team members, product owners, and application owners.


What is your favorite part of your job?

The creative environment! IBM provides ample opportunity to be creative and find innovative ways to solve problems, structure work, and deliver high quality solutions.

IBM empowered me to get involved in the process, even as an intern, which allowed me to see tangible results. Because IBM and my team always pushes me to achieve more, I was able to win first place presenter for an internal competition in my first few months at IBM. This is just one example of what makes the work so rewarding for me.

Another part of my job I am thankful for is the support I get from my manager, my teammates, and pretty much all IBMers from around the company who I’ve encountered.


When thinking about all you’ve done throughout your time at IBM so far, what would you say has been your biggest accomplishment?

It’s hard to pinpoint just one due to the wide variety of opportunities available, even outside of my role.

As I mentioned before, I was voted first place presenter in a “show and share” program where I had to come up with an innovative idea, and then create a presentation about how I would deliver the solution. Earning this achievement as an intern is a perfect example about how IBM supports us to achieve our goals regardless of position or title, intern or full time IBMer. They never limit you.

Furthermore, I recently gained an Engineering Excellence certification, which is a program where you come up with an idea for a project, and then implement solutions for IBMers. This was a such a rewarding experience since it was a true team effort to work on a project together and co-create innovative solutions. I believe this was made possible by the inclusive culture that IBM has created for its IBMers, where I could leverage the diverse perspectives and cultures from my colleagues around the world, who ultimately all came together to create something special.


Why do you love working at IBM?

I would describe IBM as a safe place to be creative and free of judgement, providing plenty of support, even from those not directly on your team. There is a community feel working here where opinions can be expressed freely, and all people are equally heard.

I also appreciate the many ways IBM offers you to grow and develop your career. I started as an intern and after only a few months, I was offered a position to work full-time. There are so many educational resources and programs available. You just need to take advantage of it.

Since joining IBM, I have always felt accepted within the team, and people are always willing to reach out and genuinely want to learn more about you. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, when I first started working for IBM, members of the team still wanted get to know each other through events like virtual coffees as an example. Now, it’s even better since I can meet fellow IBMers in the office and build those relationships even further.

My team is very diverse. Blending different cultures together definitely brings out creative results, and I feel this has helped me accomplish many of my goals so far in my time here.


How would you describe team culture at IBM?

We’re very team-orientated at IBM; we not only value everyone’s opinions, but we also look out each other’s well-being. For example, in my team, we have a monthly team building session where we act as if we’re in a group therapy session, where members are encouraged to express their feelings and stress and bring up any concerns they may have.

At IBM, we also notice and support those individuals that come from diverse backgrounds and professional levels. Upon starting my internship, I was allocated a dedicated mentor, and that was on top of all the IBMers who immediately began offering me their support and guidance my first day on the job!


What kind of growth or promotional opportunities does IBM provide?

As I mentioned earlier, I joined IBM as an intern, and due to the ample educational resources, project opportunities and the inclusive, supportive community, I was able to transition into a full-time role in my field of interest, which IBM helped me to explore. This exploration throughout my internship solidified my desire to continue my career at IBM and accept their offer to become a full-time IBMer.