IBM Germany Lab – One of the Largest IT Think Tanks in Europe

IBM Germany Research & Development Lab

IBM Germany Research & Development (IBM Germany Lab) is headquartered south of Stuttgart and is one of the largest IBM innovation hubs with teams spanning in other German cities. As part of a larger global R&D network which spans across 5 continents, teams are made up of about 1.300 computer scientists, electrical engineers, and physicists from more than 40 countries, working on more than 80 projects.


We live and breathe innovation

With the large volume of projects comes a broad scale of cutting-edge technologies that we work on: hardware and firmware, as well as operating systems including Linux for mainframe computers and storage technologies; cloud, artificial intelligence, business and data analytics; automation, intelligent asset management or components for controlling quantum computers. This also includes the operation of the first IBM Quantum System One on European soil exclusively for the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft research organization.



So much more than just technology

We are particularly proud of our special “lab spirit”. Hard to explain, impossible to copy, and maybe one of the key reasons why so many of our professionals spend a significant amount of time with us to build careers in technology.



More than 50 of our colleagues have been promoted to very selective roles in the IBM Technical Community, offered to those who have a real impact on our technologies and offerings: Senior Technical Staff Members, Distinguished Engineers, and IBM Fellows.

Making that kind of career or striving for other exciting career paths is not an easy feat, but definitely possible here.



No worries – we got your back from day one!

Our Jumpstart Onboarding Program will get you up and running while providing you with a network of like-minded people. Along with our international development teams you will have the opportunity to find a mentor or coach, and upskill yourself with latest tools and technology.


Discover your potential at the IBM Germany Research & Development Lab

If you want to push the boundaries of science, technology and business to make the world work better, then visit our careers website and join our lab! If you don’t see any open roles that align with your skillset and interests at the moment, consider joining our Talent Network to receive updates on new job opportunities and future career events.