Connecting People and Creating Synergies as an IBM HR Leader

By | 4 minute read | August 17, 2022

Meet Human Resources (HR) and Location Leader, Lucia! Hear more about the skills Lucia uses in her day-to-day job, why her current role is so important to her career, and how she strives to make a difference at IBM.


How would you describe your current role?

My current role combines two positions, HR Manager and Location Leader, making me responsible for leading the HR function in Slovakia, as well as connecting all centers, finding synergies, and creating a central operational team. In short, I operate as an HR leader and general manager for IBM Centers across the Slovakia region.


What skills do you use in your day-to-day job?

While skills like HR domain expertise and business acumen are helpful in working in HR, much of my work is client-facing and leadership focused, especially when building relationships with stakeholders. Over my career, I’ve realized the importance of curiosity and growth mindset when faced with challenges. When you continue to constantly learn and develop your skills, you gain a deeper understanding of how you can make a difference, which in turn, improves the quality of your leadership.


Have these skills changed or evolved over your career?

At the beginning of my career, I was more focused on the domain side of HR, such as learning Labor codes and creating a steady knowledge base to help me grow from one year to the next. However, going forward, upskilling in soft skills areas has become more important, further demonstrating how fast-moving the tech industry can be.

I’ve also developed leadership skills throughout my career. The models and approaches taken by both IBM and individual leaders change globally, meaning we must always be flexible and ready to pivot and adjust when the time comes.


What led you to your current role at IBM?

IBM is actually the fourth company I’ve worked for, so when I joined, I went straight into an experienced role. From there, I started building relationships with different stakeholders within the organization, where I gained much experience and took on all the opportunities I could!

My first role at IBM was HR Partner, where I worked with the management of specific organizations to help them implement better people strategies and improve their leadership. Working well with stakeholders and executing my role provided me with more opportunities to move ahead, including working with the biggest client center in Slovakia, which was a major accomplishment for me at that time in my career.

When I was offered this role, I had to quickly learn how to combine HR and general management, two skills I had used throughout my previous positions. In this way, IBM enabled me to combine two roles that had the same objective of helping leadership to move people forward and help them grow in their careers.


What advice would you give to someone starting in HR?

Working in HR requires you to be open-minded and ready to constantly learn. There are always changes, not just to operational models, but also to roles and responsibilities. What is relevant today might not be tomorrow, therefore, upskilling your ability and to adapt to new ways of working, while having flexibility, are crucial to succeeding in HR and creating efficiency.


What do you like most about IBM?

The longest period I’ve stayed at one company before IBM was four years. I’ve now been with IBM for seven years, and I don’t see myself leaving anytime soon. I never saw myself devoting my work life to a company that operates solely for profits and makes little world impact, and that’s why IBM is the perfect place for me. At IBM, I feel we’re working not only for business impact, but also to help change the world and improve people’s lives. We’re also fortunate to have a highly diverse staff that creates amazing balance within teams and greatly enhances our ability to innovate and bring in new ideas.

On top of all this, the level of opportunities IBM offers its employees are industry leading. Not only did IBM enable me to upskill in a variety of areas, but they also helped me combine my favorite things into a position, while moving my career forward and designing my own responsibilities. I truly believe this is the future of hiring and workload management, and I’m delighted to have experienced the notion of job role co-creation at IBM.

While the style of work and company values are the main reasons why I love IBM, the people and inclusive culture are the reasons why I stay. IBM strives every day to foster a culture of conscious inclusion and belonging where IBMers can bring their authentic selves to work. People make such a difference to an individual’s work experience, and I believe we have a healthy and diverse environment where everyone has the opportunity to make a positive impact on society.


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