5 Reasons Consultants Choose IBM for their Career

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At IBM, our consultants are responsible for transforming and modernizing the way our clients use technology. IBM Consulting is made up of passionate, intelligent, and creative individuals committed to achieving excellence and delivering innovative solutions to clients around the world.

In this blog, we focus on five reasons our consultants chose IBM as the next destination in their career journey. You’ll hear from three of our top consultants – with over 40 years of combined experience working at IBM – talk about their unique experiences working with global clients and why they chose to pursue a career at IBM.

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1. IBM encourages growth

IBM leadership understands that great employees are passionate about what they do and feel empowered to explore and try new things. Our IBMers have access to countless educational resources and are encouraged to continue learning about our businesses and invest time into areas they find interesting and exciting.

IBM Consulting offers transparent career frameworks for associates, professionals, and executives. These frameworks provide clarity on career pathways and consistent performance and promotion expectations. We empower professionals to discover and identify their next career moves by providing resources to support career growth. With a company this large, the opportunities for growth are endless.



2. IBM is more than just a tech company

“We help clients prepare for their business transformation through engagement and education.” – Alejandro

Often, when people hear IBM, they may think “tech company,” “computers,” or “Watson”. For the most part, only technology terms end up top of mind. While we have world-class expertise in developing and delivering technology solutions, we have several areas that don’t require the deep technical skills of a developer or an engineer. We have teams built to support consulting, in-house design, corporate responsibility, marketing, and diversity and inclusion, just to name a few. While technical skills and aptitude are not a requirement to work at IBM, having the support from our teams that have expertise in technology is a huge benefit of working at a large and powerful company.

IBM Consulting puts a lot of emphasis on educating and empowering their clients to be self-sufficient – we are all about co-creating holistic solutions that come to life through digital transformation and innovative technology solutions that we consult, educate, and advise our clients on.


3. IBM is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion

IBM has a rich history of being a leader in diversity, equity, and inclusion. Since its founding in 1911, IBM has been dedicated to building a culture of conscious inclusion and providing opportunities for all IBMers to make a positive impact on societies around the world while bringing their authentic selves to work.

In 1935, IBM had the first written equal opportunity policy, nearly 30 years before the United States passed the Equal Pay Act. IBM also became one of the first companies to include sexual orientation as part of its commitment to nondiscrimination in 1984. IBM celebrates diversity across all levels and is proud to stand behind its employees in the fight against discrimination and oppression across the globe.



4. IBM works with great people

“Meeting with customers is the most interesting part of my job. This gives me an opportunity to understand how some of our customers think within the same industry.” – Kiran

IBMers in our Consulting business have the unique opportunity to work with innovative clients who share the same goals and values as we do. We work with a variety of clients – from smaller, family-owned businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

One of our consultants, Kiran, worked on a $300M project with one of America’s largest airlines that started just before COVID-19 shut down travel in the United States. Kiran was able to leverage assistance from multiple areas across IBM to redefine the client’s operating model and modernize their growth, saving them over $1B the following year. With losses in revenue due to the pandemic, these cost-saving initiatives helped our client keep flights in the air for their customers.

Another consultant, Gary, had the opportunity to work with a Canada-based, family-run retail shoe brand, where he met the company’s original founder on his first day working with the client. Gary worked alongside about 15 new IBMers that were hired directly from college to support this $20M program. He truly enjoyed the culture of the team and the way everyone worked together. Since the project wrapped, Gary has kept in touch with many of the new hires he’s worked with and has watched them excel in their careers at IBM.


5. IBM is powerful

“When you say IBM – anywhere in the world – people know who you work for. That opens many doors and provides a lot of opportunities.” – Gary

The power of IBM comes from the synergies across the organization. Having been at the forefront of technology and innovation for more than a century, IBM has earned its spot as a household name. If you’ve ever scanned a barcode or booked an online flight, you’ve probably used IBM technology.

IBM helped humankind put the first person on the moon, using IBM 7090 mainframes, to calculate trajectories for the Mercury and Apollo space flights (I highly recommend watching Hidden Figures to see this in action!) With the global breadth of work at IBM, our technology and reputation reach far beyond that of other tech companies. This enables and empowers our consultants to work with clients across the world in just about any industry you can imagine.


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