3 Learned Lessons From IBMers Working With SAP

By | 4 minute read | June 29, 2022

IBM Consulting is a partner for the new rules of modern business. With deep expertise in many industries, we offer strategy, experience, technology, and operations services to many of the most innovative and valuable companies in the world. In close collaboration with our clients, we accelerate and make meaningful change together, swiftly applying breakthrough innovations that change how business gets done.
What are some reasons someone decides to pursue a career as an SAP Consultant? What possibilities are there within IBM Consulting to learn new skills, advance your career, and make a meaningful impact on the world?

We sat down with three of our experienced SAP Consultants in Germany to better understand what they do and what they like most about their jobs at IBM.

Johanna, Rapid Discovery Lead SAP S/4HANA

What problems are our teams trying to solve that are related to SAP Consulting?

“Our clients know they want to change their SAP to the new version, S/4HANA, but they don’t know how to do it. They want to learn what is the best way to do it. We help them to determine the length of the project, the project team, its scope, potential return of investment and the system architecture to be used. We not only conduct client workshops and moderate sessions, but also provide functional knowledge and project management support. The work is so diverse and a great mix of IT, business economics, and collaboration to help find solutions that support a client’s needs.” – Johanna


Sylvia, Senior Managing SAP Consultant

What surprised you the most when you joined the SAP sector of IBM Consulting?

“Within the SAP practice, we have one big thing that makes it so special: a strong community. Even though I have been with IBM for over 22 years, this is the strongest team spirit that I have ever experienced. Both our managers and partners provide feedback and support the team with everything they need to assure continuous learning and flexibility in challenging life situations. It’s always about the people here at IBM.” – Sylvia

“IBM has evolved over the years in terms of methodology and developed an innovative project approach with standardized phases. Nowadays, every project is different; but we have a common approach. When you change projects, it’s like you never start them from scratch.” – Caroline

What do you enjoy most about your job?

“I enjoy the travel opportunities the most. We are working with a lot of clients that have a global presence, which means you often get a chance to travel to one of their production sites for 2 or 3 weeks and work with them in person. This was always great for me, and I got so see so many amazing places like Japan, Singapore and California.” – Johanna

“IBM stands for work-life balance, which is very important for me. Especially for women that want to have children at a certain point in their life. This has allowed me to manage my work and my family life and have the flexibility to take care of both my work and my daughter. Diversity and inclusion, as well as the social responsibility that IBM stands for, are also important job aspects for me. I am proud to have participated in some of the IBM Service Corp assignments.” – Sylvia

Caroline, Managing Consultant SAP Logistics

“I like the project work. For me, it’s way better than doing the standard 9 to 5, going to the office, and facing the same routine. I like projects because they are always different – you learn from one to the other, but they are never the same. Each project has its specific challenges, and this is what I like! This is exactly the reason why I joined IBM Consulting.” – Caroline

And finally, do you have any advice for those considering a career in SAP Consulting at IBM?

“Work on your career; nothing is going to happen on its own. Think about what you want to do and work towards it. Here at IBM, people will support you in that. We have a transparent career progression system, which guides you in what you should do to progress to the next level.” – Johanna

“I believe that you need to build a personal level of trust with the client. This means that our main goal should be to support the client and their business and to find solutions for their challenges. And in turn, this quest for solutions provides continuous learning opportunities and the chance to have various roles within IBM, as we are flexible in our ways of working.” – Sylvia


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