What Do Customer Success Managers Really Do? Here’s What 3 IBMers Had to Say

By | 3 minute read | April 28, 2022

At IBM, we do more than work. We create. We create as technologists, developers, and engineers. And we create with, and for, our clients.

Our clients look for trusted, technical experts to help them deploy, adopt, and generate value from their software and services. This is where the Customer Success Manager (CSM) Architect comes into play. IBM’s CSM Architects are technical experts who work with customers to demonstrate how to get value out of their solutions, identify expansion opportunities, and ensure all their business goals and software needs are met.

What makes someone decide to pursue a career as a Customer Success Manager? What possibilities are there when you start as a CSM in IBM?

We sat down with three of our CSM colleagues in the United Kingdom and Ireland to better understand what they do and what career advice they have for others considering a career as a Customer Success Manager.

Magda Sambór
Advisory Customer Success Manager Architect, IBM
4 years
Eduardo Ortega
Senior Customer Success Manager Architect, IBM
1+ year
Gitahi Wamugi
Advisory Customer Success Manager Architect, IBM
10 Months


What made you decide to pursue a career as a Customer Success Manager?

“When a CSM position in Data and AI became available, I grabbed it. The CSM Architect role gives me a good balance between being a technical advisor for the customers, having commercial conversations with them, discussing roadmaps and next steps and implementations, and identifying new technologies that will improve their current market position. My role is to enable them to have a technology solution that will bring them the necessary success to grow.” – Magda

What is your favorite aspect about working as a Customer Success Manager at IBM?

“Working as a CSM at IBM means that you work in a supportive and growth-oriented environment, like in a family. The organizational culture is one of mutual support and growth. We all support each other, and we have unconstrained support from our management team.” – Gitahi

What are some of the possibilities you see when you start as a Customer Success Manager at IBM?

“Endless possibilities! Becoming a CSM allows you to grow your skills AND progress in your job family and career as an Architect or Technical Specialist. Acquiring expertise in these areas will make you progress quickly in your career with the recognition of the company and the market.” – Eduardo

You can learn more about Eduardo’s career journey as a Customer Success Manager at IBM in a blog he posted on his one-year anniversary.

And finally, do you have any advice for those considering a career in Customer Success Management at IBM?

“If you derive value from impacting real change, and helping clients achieve their business and personal objectives by actualizing on the promise they bought into when they bought the software, then this is the role for you!” – Gitahi

 “Working on this team is like being part of a small family; everybody supports each other in it. The success of the team is your own success too. Focus on making your clients feel they are beloved, and like your peer, so they know you’ll always support them. Managers and the team will be constantly recognizing your work. Being a CSM is not just a role, it’s about making sure your customers feel you’re there for them. Constant communication with your customers is everything you need to become a great CSM.” – Eduardo

 “The customer success management field is booming with so many software companies looking for talented and experienced CSMs. An IBM CSM Architect is a step up from the typical CSM you would have in other software organizations. IBM’s CSMs are technical advisors for the customers, working hand in hand with them on deployments of our technology, as well as advising on the infrastructure. This makes it a great place for engineering professionals and experienced CSMs who are eager to dive deeper into the technology. We also have different levels of CSMs, from Associate to Principals. Regardless of how technical you may be, there’s a place for you on IBM’s customer success management team.” – Magda


Learn more about becoming a Customer Success Manager at IBM

As a Customer Success Manager at IBM, you’ll be able to apply your technical and communication skills to help customers achieve their business outcomes.

If you’re interested in leveraging cutting-edge technologies, like Hybrid Cloud and Artificial Intelligence, to help our clients make meaningful change in the world, visit our Careers Website today and check out our open Customer Success Manager roles!