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I’m Obsessed With Work and Here’s How I Deal With It

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(2 min read) By Daria Korenkova

I’m very passionate about my job in general. I love getting things done and can’t relax until I know that there are no more tasks for the day. Procrastination is just not a thing for me and even when I try to relax, I tend to do it anxiously. I get easily excited about new tasks and challenges, so excited so I can’t sleep sometimes. These traits are not always bad, especially when you have a lot of things to do. But it can also lead to a terrible burnout and is bad for your mental health.

For some reason, you are still reading this and probably searching for some sort of work-life balance. So I’m here to share some of my experience dealing with work obsession with fellow workaholics and victims of the hustle culture.

Note to self: The world won’t end if you take a break

The most difficult thing for me is dealing with the fact that the entire humanity won’t collapse if I check the work mail several hours later. This is something I always remind myself of. After all, if something that needs your immediate attention turns up during the off-work hours, your colleagues will find a way to contact you.

Find a hobby to keep you busy

This may sound obvious, but finding something that needs your full attention means you won’t even have a chance to check Slack notifications. My personal choice is drawing, but it will work with everything, as long as you are doing something. If you are spending some time with friends and family, try to give your full attention to your friends and family and turn off your phone (or put it on silent mode). Nothing will happen if you check it one hour later.

Turn to podcasts and some entertainment

What keeps me sane during stressful periods is listening to podcasts or audiobooks or just watching some purely entertaining videos on my way to the office and back. And when I’m so tired that all the words sound like white noise, I just listen to some music. Such a simple activity can help to reload yourself and gather some strength to survive another week.

Don’t feel guilty about getting some rest

If you are feeling guilty about not working all the time, remember that taking some breaks – whether physical or mental – will help your overall productivity and personal effectiveness both in short and long terms.

Ok, but what if you wake up at 6am on Sunday and feel an urge to work? Well, no need to fight it, especially if completing this task will make you feel better. But please remember to get some rest as well so that you come to work fully energized and ready to give it 100%!

About the Author

Daria Korenkova is a Marketing & Communications Lead for the SAP Practice based in Moscow, Russia. A self-confessed workaholic, she puts her heart and creativity into work. When she’s relaxing, she loves to play Pokémon and eat poke.

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