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IBMer Spotlight: Manoj Balachandran

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Curious to know about the IBMers that you see in our branding campaigns? Ever wondered who they are and what they do in IBM? The IBMer Spotlight series is a light and fun installment where you’ll get to meet them all!

Meet Manoj

Manoj joined IBM India in 2016. He currently works in our Global Citizenship team leading our “STEM for Girls-India” program. This program is a huge education initiative launched by IBM earlier this year with the goal of reaching over 200k school girls and 100k school boys to encourage them into the field of STEM careers. Manoj loves the fact that IBM, with its size and work we do across the world, provides such a variety of job roles for every employee if they have the right attitude to expand their skill sets. In the last 3.5 years as an IBMer, he is now on his 3rd role and still loving what he does every day. Let’s find out a little more about him….

I like to start my day
by being grateful to what life has given me until now.

When I get up to go to work, I look forward to
making a difference to 300,000 students with every decision I make.

I am responsible for
every choice I make in my life.

My typical day is
full of possibilities of how to make a difference to the nation (due to the nature of my current role).

The coolest part of my job is
that I get to do CSR activities with IBM’s resources.

The biggest challenge I have is….
right now, completing this sentence. ;o)

The most memorable moment in my career is
when you get a thank you note saying that “you had made a difference in my life”.

My single most important career advice to someone who wants to join IBM is
Network, upskill, and focus on your soft skills.



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