A Day in the Life of a Marketing Intern in NYC

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(3 min read) By Janice Luo

What does a typical weekday look like for a summer marketing intern? Let’s find out! Meet Janice Luo, rising senior at New York University Shanghai. Janice works at the 88 University Place office in New York City. Read on as she walks us through a normal day at IBM.



After shutting off my alarm, I quickly run through my morning routine. I have to make it out in time to catch R-train. From my apartment in Queens, it’s usually about a 45-minute ride. I typically pack my breakfast and eat it along the way. Once I get to the office, I’m way too impatient to wait for the elevator. So I make the daily trek up to the 6th floor where I sit with project advisor and team members.


I start off my day by pouring myself a cup of fruit-infused water that the lovely WeWork office provides daily! The flavor is different every day, so I look forward to the surprise. My favorite by far is the orange and pineapple. There are also pressed juices that are restocked every Monday! My favorite of those is “Fancy Orange”, which includes carrots and ginger.


The first thing I do when I get to my desk is check my email and then Slack.

For my project work as a marketing intern, I use IBM data visualization tools (such as Pearl) to analyze and identify metrics to create campaigns.

As a side hobby, I also play around with HotJar. This a tool that showcases online user behavior, although it’s not directly related to my project. But it allows me to dive deeper into the scope of the core webpages and come up with new recommendations.

I sit near the Global Technology Services (GTS) content team. My fellow marketing intern team, Akosua and Maria Luiza, are right next to a window overlooking Union Square. We are very focused on our work, but enjoy chatting among ourselves at our desks. Today, we are meeting with our project advisor to discuss our project and catch up on everything we did this past weekend.


I listen in to a few conference calls today at the comfortable lobby area on my floor. These calls are really interesting because I get to see how different teams within our business unit come together and discuss their progress in certain projects or deals that are being made. My role isn’t client-facing but I get to see what it’s like to be in roles that are.


I usually eat lunch with my team in Washington Square Park, but today was Larry’s birthday, so we had a lunch celebration with him! It was a fun time for the marketing interns to bond with the full-time team, not to mention the pizza and cupcakes were amazing! This was definitely the highlight of my day so far.


Shortly after, we join a Leadership Roundtable with Liz Urheim, CMO of Hybrid Cloud. It’s super interesting to learn about her background, career journey, and advice on time management and career choice. One thing she said in particular really stood out to me – at IBM, you get the freedom to be creative and come up with ground-breaking ideas. However, if you can’t back it up with evidence, it won’t come true.


After work, I go home, eat a quick dinner and then go to kickboxing (a hobby that I picked up in February). Sitting all day at the office isn’t very healthy so I try to keep active by working out every day.

11:00 PM:

After kickboxing is over, I head to bed to recharge for the next day. I watch Friends on Netflix until I doze off to the sounds of live audience laughter and Chandler’s sarcasm.


Of course, each IBM Marketing Intern goes about their days in different and exciting ways. If you can see yourself working here, just like Janice, visit our page to learn more about the Marketing & Communications Internship Program and any open opportunities.


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