Adopting a Growth Mindset to Achieve the Extraordinary

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By Kawther Haciane (2 min read)

#BeEqual is instilled in our core values; our blue DNA. IBM values diversity and offers equal opportunities for all to achieve their full potential.

I have been with the IBM Security Services business unit in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) for the past three years and it has been a wonderful experience. In this role, I’ve had opportunities to lead challenging and complex information security transformations in the MEA region providing security services to our Clients.

My work is more than just a regular job, and that’s what makes me so passionate about the work that I do. I constantly ask myself and the team “How can we protect our Clients from cyber threats?”, “How can we partner with our clients to strengthen their security defences while reducing cost and complexity?”, and “How could we innovate and do things differently?”

I’ve been in the information security field for 18 years with expertise in a variety of security domains. Like any other career it comes with challenges, and I’ve encountered a few challenges along the way but these never stopped me from fulfilling my dreams.

With the great support of my mentors and leaders, I’ve had the opportunity to achieve the extraordinary at IBM. My aim is to enable positive change and address difficult issues within the security space. I truly enjoy and value working with extremely talented, multi-skilled and diverse security experts from across the globe. As a team, we’re able to solution and protect the world’s cyber infrastructure and transform the security industry.

To be able to shift myself from the ordinary to extraordinary, I’m always on the lookout for opportunities to grow and develop in my career, while still maintaining work life balance. Adopting a growth mindset makes my work and career more fun! I’ve made the active choice to be extraordinary in all that I do. What is important to me is to take the time and energy to challenge myself and force myself to think from outside the box.

Dream BIG – that’s the motto I live by. If you don’t visualise and work towards your dreams, your dreams will never be valid. Believe in your talents and continuously work on sharpening your skills, whether its studying further, learning from your peers and mentors.

As a career mom, my motive is to keep pushing forward. It takes a lot of hard work and positive energy but it is all worth it! I’m able to work smarter and execute on business priorities and objectives and simultaneously carry out my personal responsibilities as a mother.

About the author
Kawther Haciane is the Lead & Project Executive for IBM Security Services in the Middle East and Africa Region

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