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Dynamism and Constant Learning: How IBM Keeps This Millennial Engaged

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By Polina Tsolova (2 min read)

Millennials are everywhere. We read articles on how to manage millennials, how to organize corporate parties for millennials, and how to make millennials listen to other generations. We watch movies about millennials and read research studies about them.

So what makes millennials so different? Well, for sure there is no 100% correct answer. For as many millennials you ask, as many answers you will get. Why?

Because we are a diverse group of people. We are diverse, and we like diversity. We like to visit different places, we like new emotions, we like to do things which previously were unexplored, forbidden or they were just too scary for everyone. We like challenges, we like reading, we love technologies, all the buzz around them and yes, we switch employers regularly. We are very often accused of not being loyal or consistent in what we are doing.

Let me be honest, switching jobs happen not because we are not loyal or because we don’t like our job, nor because we are inconsistent in what we want. Because we like diversity, we look for it everywhere even in our job. If there is no change in our responsibilities оr teams or collaboration, we usually get bored.

Then how come I, a millennial, have managed to stay in IBM for five years? I’ve never believed that I will be staying with one employer more than a year. During my interview I heard the following:

“You should be aware that IBM is passing through a transformation and the work environment is very dynamic.”

Really? Dynamic? Then this is for me! And it has been five years since.

IBM is changing constantly and the IBMer is getting more and more disruptive with every year. In IBM Agile is not just science fiction, it is a reality. We change every day and we learn every day. We switch from traditional classrooms to online highly interactive educations, we receive digital credentials for what we know and for what we do, we have the tools that let us learn whenever and wherever we want. As a millennial in IBM, I am not only a participant in educations, I am a doer and a thinker.

Millennials in IBM are provided with the freedom of thinking and learning, freedom of proposing ideas, freedom of generating ideas and finally freedom of making your crazy ideas a reality. How is this possible?

Just set up a new project and look for other IBMers who are willing to support you because they believe that innovation is what matters.

This is how one millennial is already five years with IBM without being bored and even more hungry for learning.



About the author:

Polina Tsolova is a Learning professional, University relations and Diversity specialist.  She is all about skills, knowledge and development.  A ‘roll up your sleeves’ and love what you do person.

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