IBM Won Multinational Enterprise Silver Award in 2019 Randstad Employer Brand Survey (EN, CN)

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On April 12th, Randstad, the most influential human resource service provider in the world, held the premiere of “2019 Randstad Employer Brand Survey” in Shanghai. On the scene, Randstad released the “White Paper on 2019 Randstad Employer Brand Survey” including job seekers of different age groups. It informed and inspired enterprises on how to build a great employer brand from multiple perspectives, namely factors valued most by job seekers when choosing enterprises, reasons for people to stay on or leave their jobs, and what can be called the most attractive industry analysis. With the winner list of “Randstad 2019 Best Employer in China” being announced, IBM won the Multinational Enterprise Silver Award in 2019 Randstad Employer Brand Survey, which is the fifth time for IBM being named as Randstad’s Best Employer.

Ms. Zou Jing, IBM GCG Talent Acquisition Lead, received the award on behalf of IBM.


According to the White Paper on 2019 Randstad Employer Brand Survey, “stability” or “salary and welfare” stands no typical characteristics when it comes to post-95s’ job hunting. Only 35% of post-95 respondents value job stability, which is more than 20 percentage points lower than other age groups. With no worries about material conditions, post-95s want something more valuable for them. Now, they are not focusing on a long-term stable employment contract and a traditional career development path. Instead, they are caring more about whether their needs of self-development and growth are met and whether their individual values are recognized. In their eyes, career development opportunities and a pleasant working atmosphere are of more importance than fame and fortune. That’s where IBM gets people’s praise.

Ms. Zou Jing, IBM GCG Talent Acquisition Lead, said, “As a century-old company, IBM, in the past 5 years, has experienced a transformation that we’ve never seen before. With the transformation in products, disruptive changes have been introduced into the company’s business model, organizational structure, culture, leadership, and skills. For a successful transformation, it’s important for us to know how to enhance employees’ self-motivation and stimulate their creativity under such a rapidly changing environment of technology and landscape. With professional learning systems, IBM empowers its employees to achieve self-development and self-fulfillment, promotes employees’ sense of belonging and stimulates their creativity by positive leadership, and maximizes their engagement in a co-creation workspace. We hope that every IBMer can be proud of what he/she did, happy to see the progress he/she made, and also confident about the future laid on himself/herself and the company. As an IBMer, to fulfill yourself means to fulfill IBM.

IBM respects the idea that skill is currency. So, the company has a personalized learning system to help employees establish self-learning habits and provide employees with abundant resources for self-development and self-fulfillment. In an ever-changing age, IBM hope all the employees can be part of it and perform the co-creation with the company. For all the employees, it’s not only just saying what they think, but also proposing and making decisions on important things. IBM cares about being diversified and inclusive. We are committed to creating an equal working environment, attaching importance to the recruitment and development of female employees, providing equal opportunities for disabled ones, and respecting every employee with different sexual orientations.

That’s how IBM behaves. We make cultural transformation to create an open platform for our employees to empower them, and we do co-creation together.







IBM倡导Skill is currency (技能便是财富),通过个性化的学习体系助力员工建立自主学习习惯,并为其提供丰富的资源,助力员工自我成长,自我成就。面对变化的时代,IBM希望所有的员工可以参与其中,一起与公司共创,员工不仅仅可以表达其声音,更可以参与很多重大事情的设计和决定。IBM是一个追求多元与包容的公司,我们坚持创造平等的工作环境,重视女性员工的招聘与发展,为残障员工提供同等的工作机会,尊重不同性取向的每一位职员。


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